• Lawsuit May Follow High School Players’ Racist Photo

    by Andy Berg September 2017

    Five football players at a high school in Iowa have been kicked off their team after a picture surfaced on social media of the boys wearing white hoods while standing next to a burning cross. A confederate flag also featured prominently in the photo and one of the boys was holding a rifle.

  • Ex-HS Football Coach Wins $200K in Lawsuit

    by Brenda Rindge September 2017

    Former Berkeley High School football coach Jeff Cruce filed a wrongful termination and defamation lawsuit in January against Berkeley County School District...

  • Penn State May Sue Sandusky Charity

    by Jeremy Roebuck September 2017

    Pennsylvania State University has signaled its intention to sue Jerry Sandusky's former children's charity, years after the school paid more than $93 million to settle claims from 32 of the former assistant football coach's accusers.

  • Is Art Briles Owed a Second Chance?

    by The Buffalo News August 2017

    During a 10-minute phone call, Art Briles raved about the inner strength and courage shown by two of his former college players turned NFL pros.

  • Youth Coach Sentenced in Child Porn Case

    by Mark Gokavi August 2017

    Timothy K. Wright, 46, of New Carlisle was sentenced Wednesday in Dayton's U.S. District Court, according to the office of Judge Walter Rice.

  • Do Minor League Ballparks Pay Off for Communities?

    by Jenna West August 2017

    The Potomac Nationals, a minor league baseball club in suburban Washington, are a prime example of a question facing at least 160 baseball communities across the country: Should local taxpayers pay the multimillion-dollar price tags for modern stadiums that would lure or keep minor league teams in their towns? Many economists argue that the amount of money spent on building ballparks does not return to the community. Team owners like to say that a new stadium creates jobs building and operating the facility, but most of those positions are seasonal. Sports also can bring excitement to a community, but only a sliver of residents might really care. Economists argue that the interests of a few impact everyone financially. "A major league stadium generates roughly the same number of year-round, full-time jobs as a large Macy's department store," says Victor Matheson, economist and professor at College of the Holy Cross. "Minor league is going to generate maybe a tenth of that number. Most jobs being generated at the minor league level are very low-level, part-time, minimum-wage jobs."

  • Records: Freeze, Booster Phoned Often in NCAA Case

    by Dan Wolken August 2017

    Former University of Mississippi football coach Hugh Freeze and disassociated booster Lee Harris called each other at least 200 times between January 2015 and the end of Freeze's tenure.

  • No Charges Filed Against Youth Sports Director

    by Tyler Jett August 2017

    County Attorney Chad Young said he was worried that Ringgold Youth Sports Association Director Earl Epps was turning a profit at those tournaments, making money on the local government's property without any sort of contract. The concerns went so far that a prosecutor asked the Georgia Bureau of Investigation looked into the case.

  • Former Baseball Player Sues Coach for Benching Him

    by Courtney Cameron August 2017

    Former Los Altos High School student-athlete Robbie Lopez and his parent have leveled a lawsuit against varsity head baseball coach Gabriel Lopez, claiming that the coach’s attitude toward the player displays a “pattern of harassment and bullying.”

  • How to Protect Your Trademarks

    by John Wolohan, Jeeyoon Kim and Patrick Walsh August 2017

    One of the most valuable properties that a sports organization can own is its name. For example, when you hear the words "Nike," "New England Patriots," "Planet Fitness" or "Final Four," certain images come to mind. Since companies, teams and organizations work hard and spend a lot of money to develop the right image, it is essential that they properly protect their name or brand by trademarking it. Here are five tips that will help you protect your trademarks from unauthorized use: