• Blog: Beyond the Brick and Mortar Fitness Facility

    by James McPartland January 2011

    What does it take to look beyond the brick and mortar fitness facility - your primary source of business - and instead focus on the greater needs of the consumer? Who is positioned to truly contribute to creating healthy communities around the United States and possibly the world? Take a look at a new offering from Technogym called "The Key." While not the first company to develop a pedometer type of product, it may very well be the first to link the gym with other fitness activities that happen away from the gym.

  • Blog: New Tennis Rules Deserve Your Attention

    by Mary Helen Sprecher January 2011

    Unless you've been living in a fallout shelter, you've heard about tennis making a comeback in the U.S. There are more players on the courts, new American faces on the pro tour and recently, an uptick in U.S. apparel sales. That's all good news if you have tennis courts, and better still if you have team or league programming, Tennis On Campus, or instruction on any level.

  • Blog: Protecting Your College Program with a Buyout Clause

    by John Wolohan January 2011

    As the college football bowl season comes to an end, another season begins. Not the professional football playoffs or college basketball conference play - the annual game of musical chairs in college football. The first big name to lose his job was Ralph Friedgen, who was fired by the University of Maryland after being named coach of the year in the ACC. In addition to Friedgen (his replacement is Randy Edsall, who left the University of Connecticut to accept the job), the University of Miami fired its coach, Randy Shannon, and has replaced him with Al Golden, who left Temple University. The University of Pittsburgh fired Dave Wannstedt, but as I write this, the Pitt job is still unfilled.

  • Blog: Personal Training Is Not 'Just Renting Friends'

    by Rob Bishop and Barry Klein January 2011

    In announcing that Planet Fitness will no longer offer Personal Training, CEO Mike Grondahl said that people doing personal training are "just renting friends," and he indicated that personal training - and the selling of it - disrupted Planet Fitness's "judgment-free zone." It also seems that PF will use its lack of personal training availability as a marketing point - "We'll never try to sell you anything you don't want!"

  • The Pro Bowl Is Stupid. Kill It Already.

    by Andrew Cohen January 2010

  • Blog: Still Believing, 34 Years (and Counting) Later

    by Paul Steinbach January 2010

    Editor's Note: AB Senior Editor Paul Steinbach authored this piece in January 2010, but with February 22nd marking the 34th anniversary of the Miracle on Ice and the U.S. men's hockey team facing off against Canada on Friday, the message still rings true.

    For nearly 30 years now, the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team has been an off-and-on obsession of mine.

  • A Choice to Make

    by Paul Steinbach December 2009

    There's precedent for a Catholic institution sticking with a coach despite his pro-choice stance on abortion. Rick Majerus is in his third season heading the St. Louis University men's basketball program after admitting during a TV interview at a January 2008 Hillary Clinton campaign rally that he is "pro-choice, personally." But will a Catholic institution hire a pro-choice coach? Somehow, during speculation that University of Cincinnati head football coach Brian Kelly is next in line to bear the Notre Dame football cross, the rumor spread that Kelly, an Irish Catholic who decades ago campaigned for Democratic presidential candidate Gary Hart, is pro-choice. But no one seems to know for sure. "I searched online media archives all day today trying to find one reputable media reference to Kelly's stance on abortion," read a Tuesday post by Brooks at "I found none."

  • Swoooooosh!

    by Andrew Cohen November 2009

    I had a strange experience this weekend. I was in a real rage…one of those blind, murderous rages where self-control vanishes entirely. You know what I'm talking about - if you're married, or have kids, or better yet, married with kids, you've been there. Anyway, something happened at home - what happened is really not important - and it was late at night, closer to my kids' wake-up time than their bedtime…and I, you know, got behind the wheel of my car and in my blind rage, kind of hit a tree. Or something.

  • Hall Monitor

    by Michael Popke November 2009

    I'm not much of a museum guy. I'll chaperone my daughter's field trip to the Milwaukee Public Museum, but I typically don't actively seek out such places. So reading earlier this week about the National High School Coaches Association's plans to build a $10 million Sports Museum of America opened in May 2008 with more than 45,000 square feet, 21 original films, 30 interactive exhibits, 1,100 photographs and hundreds of artifacts in 19 galleries - along with great expectations of one million visitors per year. It's now closed and bankrupt after failing to come anywhere near that number.

  • Hit 'Em Straight

    by Paul Steinbach November 2009

    When the AB editors dedicated our July issue to best environmental practices in the athletics, fitness and recreation industries, we managed to overlook one egregious hazard to our planet's health: golf balls.