• Wednesday, August, 02, 2017
    Locker Room Branding with Paint, Graphics

    Waterfalls, HD TVs and LED backlighting in custom colors are all wonderful things to have in an athletic locker room — if you have a few million dollars to spend. While the juggernauts in collegiate athletics compete for the title of "best locker room in the country" (hoping it leads to other titles), most college and high school athletic programs are working on a more limited budget.

  • Tuesday, July, 25, 2017
    How College Athletic Programs Are Preparing for Gun Legislation

    The country's attitude toward firearms is changing. As of July 1, Kansas and Georgia will join eight other states in allowing concealed-carry of firearms on public university campuses, with Arkansas joining the campus carry ranks on Sept. 1.

  • Tuesday, June, 20, 2017
    Limitless Potential for the Internet of Things in Athletic Facilities

    Alexa, show me the future.

  • Tuesday, June, 06, 2017
    Online Advanced Education for Athletic Administrators

    Summer is almost here. For many professionals working in athletics at the high school level, the academic break affords them time to think about their own academic and career goals. Whether looking to advance their career or add to their current qualifications, an online master's degree program can be a worthwhile undertaking for any athletic administrator. But first, he or she must know what kind of focus to pursue. Following is an overview of notable online sports management programs, including a brief statement about the program, key facts and enrollment dates.

  • Tuesday, May, 23, 2017
    The Benefits of Gym Floor Covers

    A school's multipurpose gymnasium can be a valuable asset for the entire community, with the ability to host not only athletic events but election polling, craft fairs and pancake breakfasts. "Oftentimes the local municipality will want access to a school for different events," says Bob Curry, president of Rexdale, Ont.-based Covermaster. "You convert your facility into a multiuse facility, and you can generate revenue."

  • Tuesday, May, 09, 2017
    CDs and Obsolete Technologies

    Next month is our annual Architectural Showcase issue, but we're already hard at work selecting photos and laying out each submission. Photos for each project come to us in one of several ways: uploaded to our FTP site, sent via a file transfer site such as Dropbox, or mailed on a CD or thumb drive.

  • Thursday, May, 04, 2017
    The Evolution of Campus Recreation Facilities and Programs

    Building a facility specifically for recreation was a novel concept when St. Louis University's campus recreation center was named an Athletic Business Facility of Merit® in 1982. In the 35 years since, the definition of "recreation" and its place in the college landscape has changed dramatically, as evidenced in AB's collective roster of Facilities of Merit.

  • Wednesday, April, 26, 2017
    Video: Bringing the CrossFit Games to Madison

    Last November, CrossFit announced that Madison, Wis., would host the 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games, ending the event’s seven-year stint in Los Angeles.

  • Tuesday, April, 18, 2017
    Breakup Leaves Youth Soccer Org. Scrambling for Fields

    When a San Pedro, Calif., youth soccer league severed ties with the American Youth Soccer Organization earlier this year, the Field of Dreams soccer complex was caught in the middle.

  • Monday, April, 17, 2017
    AB Perspectives: What Is the Most Impressive Venue You've Visited?

    AB wants to know what impresses you most about other facilities and venues you've visited, and why?