The annual "Madison Square Garden" wrestling tournament hosted by Madison High School in South Dakota was cut short this weekend after a lighting fixture fell from the rafters and directly onto one of the competitors.

Michael McComish, a senior at Madison High, was nearly a minute into his match when the lone spotlight used specifically for the tournament came crashing down onto his head. He was able to get up and immediately received medical attention. Cuts on his forehead required stitches, and while officials were concerned that the lights may have caused some burns, the only other injuries McComish suffered were a few scrapes on his knees. The wrestler later shared a picture and a tweet confirming he was okay.

The tournament featuring the spotlight has been held for 27 years, according to activities director Bud Postma, and will continue to be held in the school's new gym, which will open soon. "[It] was indeed a scary situation for everyone involved," Postma said in a statement. "We're thankful to report the student-athlete is recovering and back in school today."

Both McComish and his family were pleased with the school's response to the incident, though McComish was disappointed that he was unable to finish the match. "The only thing that made me get upset was I didn't get to wrestle, because that was my one and only chance to wrestle that night and I didn't get to," he said.