Jason Scott
Jason Scott (jason@athleticbusiness.com) joined the Athletic Business team as the Online Managing Editor in 2015. Before joining AB, Jason worked as the social media manager for a small business, and before that he was a radio producer working with local talk shows and live sports broadcasts. When he's not at work, Jason enjoys reading, podcasts, sports, sophomoric TV cartoons, and long walks on the beach. He is a graduate of the University of Missouri's School of Journalism. 
  • Thursday, March, 17, 2016
    Lawsuit: Concussion Protocol Missteps Led to Paralysis

    The family of a former football player at Belt High School in Montana filed a lawsuit this week, claiming negligence in a series of events that has left him paralyzed.

  • Tuesday, March, 15, 2016
    NFL Exec: Link Exists Between Football, Brain Diseases

    For the first time, a high-ranking NFL official admitted that there is a link between the head trauma produced in football and degenerative brain diseases like chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

  • Monday, March, 14, 2016
    Redskins Reveal Unique Feature in Stadium Design

    When the Washington Redskins eventually leave FedEx Field for greener pastures (a new stadium), that stadium will reportedly have a feature more familiar to medieval castles than to modern football stadiums: a moat.

  • Thursday, March, 10, 2016
    Bill Would Bar State Funds for Athletic Facilities

    Lawmakers in Kansas are developing a bill that would give the state the ability to deny financial help to certain building projects at school districts. The legislation would create a state panel to review construction proposals, and only projects related directly to student instruction would be approved.

  • Tuesday, March, 08, 2016
    Incorrect Court Impacts HS Basketball Championships

    The Macon Coliseum hosted the Georgia High School Association’s basketball championships last Thursday through Saturday on a court that wasn’t set up according to regulations.

  • Tuesday, March, 08, 2016
    Employee Fired for Leaving Girl Hanging on Climbing Wall

    A 55-second video posted on Facebook showing a young woman on her phone while a girl cries for help on a climbing wall got an employee at a Surrey, B.C. gymnasium fired.

  • Monday, March, 07, 2016
    HS Wrestler Claims Competing Gave Him Herpes

    A California high school wrestler who says he contracted a strain of herpes while competing in a wrestling match made a passionate call for the state wrestling championships to be canceled.

  • Thursday, March, 03, 2016
    Budget Woes Force St. Cloud State to Cut Six Sports

    Heather Weems, athletic director at St. Cloud State University, announced Wednesday that the school is cutting six sports from its athletic department after the current academic year.

  • Thursday, March, 03, 2016
    Bill Would Give Refs Concussion Overrule Power

    In the name of player safety, lawmakers in Kentucky are considering adopting a law that would give high school sports officials power to decide whether a player can return to a game following a head injury.

  • Tuesday, March, 01, 2016
    Skyway Links Vikings, Other Major Sports Venues

    Downtown Minneapolis already has 8 miles worth of indoor skyway, but the current system is set to expand directly to the new home of the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings.