• Stemming Attrition Following Record Sales

    by Rob Bishop April 2018

    A number of factors conspired to send our membership and revenue numbers into steady decline throughout 2016. These included internal financial problems, along with increased competition in our marketplace from a low-price chain — not to mention Zumba, personal training and rock climbing studios. With the help of a consultant, we started doing things differently last year, changing our marketing, service and pricing models rather dramatically.

  • How Gyms Can Use Virtual Reality to Motivate Members

    by Andy Berg April 2018

    Club members don't renew their memberships when they falter on the initial momentum of a new year's resolution. As daily workouts slowly lose their luster, the gym itself begins to feel like a torture chamber. An owner can ensure the equipment is state-of-the-art, the gym is well kept, the staff is polite, and there are always plenty of clean towels, but when it comes to ensuring that her customers are motivated to return, retention efforts have their limits.

  • The Edge Fitness Club Puts 'Gym Selfie Room' on Hold

    by Courtney Cameron April 2018

    On the first of the month, The Edge Fitness Club announced an addition to its traditional workout space: a first-of-its-kind gym selfie room at the club’s Fairfield, Conn., location.

  • The World’s First Energy Producing Treadmill (Sponsored)

    by AB Editors March 2018

    This sponsored content was paid for by SportsArt. What is sponsored content?

    SportsArt is introducing a new revolutionary model to our ECO-POWR™ line where form doesn’t just meet function, it embraces it in our most stunning and inviting design: VERDE, the only energy-producing treadmill in the industry.

  • Ex-Olympian Wants Name Off Wall of Past Coach's Gym

    by Paul Steinbach March 2018

    Former Stanford University All-American volleyball player and 1996 Olympian Nancy Reno released an open letter Friday demanding that a coach from her past remove her name from a banner in that individual's training facility in Aurora, Ill.

    Reno's letter states that the fact she played on teams coached by Rick Butler in the 1980s "does not give you the right to display my name, without permission, in your facility. Your deplorable acts against my teammates at that time are beyond reprehensible."

    As reported by the Chicago Sun-Times, Butler was hit last month by a federal class-action lawsuit filed by a woman who claims her daughter was sexually abused by Butler as a teenager. The lawsuit details the similar experiences of six women who are not a party to the suit. Butler was banned by USA Volleyball in 1995 after Sarah Powers-Barnhard, Julie Romias and Christine Tuzi accused him of sexually abusing them as their coach in the 1980s. All three women were minors at the time. Since the Sun-Times' reporting of those accusations last fall, USA Volleyball banned Butler for life. Moreover, the Amateur Athletic Union "permanently disqualified" Butler and he was "indefinitely suspended" by the Junior Volleyball Association.

    Butler has admitted to having sex with Powers-Bernhard, Romias and Tuzi, but claims it was while they were of legal age and not on his team. He maintains that he has "never sexually abused any individual" and has never been changed with a crime.

    “Your financial gains made in the name of growing the great sport of volleyball and developing youth talent were actually rooted in the tears and pain of vulnerable children," Reno wrote. "These were my teammates Rick, and I stand behind them."

    Reno, who placed fifth in beach volleyball at the Atlanta Olympics, is threatening legal action over the banner bearing her name inside Butler's Sports Performance Volleyball facility. "I have worked hard in my life to maintain integrity, honor, and truth in the sometimes ruthless and unforgiving arenas of professional and Olympic sports," she wrote. "To see a large banner with my name on it in your place of business, implying some sort of endorsement of your program is exploitative, misleading, inaccurate (I did not receive a bronze medal in that Olympics), and probably illegal. Please remove my name from your place of business."

  • An Inside Look at Iowa State’s Sports Medicine Dept.

    by Paul Steinbach February 2018

    The average year-round temperature in Ames, Iowa, is just under 50 degrees Fahrenheit, certainly nothing to prepare Iowa State University student-athletes for the cryotherapy chamber the athletic department installed in November. Wearing gloves, slippers and little else, athletes are surrounded from the neck down in air mixed with liquid nitrogen — and temperatures dropping to below minus-180.

  • Business Tips for Your Club’s Personal Training Efforts

    by Rob Bishop February 2018

    As readers of this column know, last year our club revamped our membership structure to better suit the needs of our customers. We also restructured our personal training department.

  • Treadmill Purchasing Guide: Six Things To Know Before You Buy

    by AB Staff February 2018

    When shopping for treadmills, you'll need to decide whether you want to spend a little more to offer your customers a unit with high-end touchscreens and Bluetooth connectivity, or a cost-effective, durable, barebones machine that will simply keep your members moving. Here's a quick rundown of what to look for as you navigate the treadmill market.

  • Product Spotlight 2018: Cardio Equipment

    by Courtney Cameron February 2018

    Check out these products as seen in the January|February 2018 issue.

  • Five Cardio Area Design Considerations

    by Paul Steinbach February 2018

    Twenty years ago, entering a commercial health club invariably meant being greeted by the whirring energy of the facility's cardio offerings — row upon row of treadmills and steppers and elliptical trainers. Equipment pieces were on full display, as were the exercisers using them.