• Business Tips for Your Club’s Personal Training Efforts

    by Rob Bishop December 2017

    As readers of this column know, last year our club revamped our membership structure to better suit the needs of our customers. We also restructured our personal training department.

  • Advantages of Pushing Club Operations Online

    by Rob Bishop December 2017

    When we first purchased Elevations Health Club, 22 years ago, members would sign in when they arrived at the club on a piece of lined notebook paper. Membership dues were collected at the front desk each month. Not exactly technology-dependent.

  • SoulCycle Debuts New SoulAnnex Studio Fitness Classes

    by Courtney Cameron December 2017

    For the first time since opening in 2006, SoulCycle will move classes off-bike with the introduction of three new training modules at its newest location in Manhattan’s Flatiron District.

  • LA Fitness Location Closed Due to Flooding

    by Courtney Cameron December 2017

    An LA Fitness in Portland, Ore., has been closed indefinitely due to flooding from a burst private water line. The three-story club saw flooding and damages to the street-level lobby, locker rooms and children’s center, as well as to a below-ground cardio fitness space.

  • An Inside Look at Iowa State’s Sports Medicine Department

    by Paul Steinbach December 2017

    The average year-round temperature in Ames, Iowa, is just under 50 degrees Fahrenheit, certainly nothing to prepare Iowa State University student-athletes for the cryotherapy chamber the athletic department installed in November. Wearing gloves, slippers and little else, athletes are surrounded from the neck down in air mixed with liquid nitrogen — and temperatures dropping to below minus-180.

  • Dramatic Gym Crash Caught on Camera

    by Andy Berg November 2017

    Saturday was a good day to skip the gym if you happened to be a member at Real Fitness in Playa Del Ray, Calif.                    

    Around 9 a.m., a truck crashed into the gym, which was empty except for one employee. No one was injured in the crash.  

    According to a report from the local NBC affiliate, the 35-year-old driver was taken to the hospital and his condition was not known. 

    The dramatic incident was caught on security cameras and posted on Instagram by Real Fitness. 

  • Competitive Pole Sport Aims for Olympics

    by Courtney Cameron November 2017

    The International Pole Sports Federation has gained Observer status from the Global Association of International Sports Federations.

  • Life Time Fitness, Neighbors Spar Over Facility Proposal

    by Doug T. Graham November 2017

    The gulf between Life Time Fitness, which wants to build a large health club at the old Hackney's location at 880 N. Old Rand Road, and the Lake Zurich residents who would have to live near it seemed to be as wide as ever during a meeting of the village's planning and zoning committee Wednesday night. So many residents came to the meeting to speak about the proposal that at 10 p.m. — after about two hours of public comment — the commissioners asked that the discussion be continued at their next meeting on Dec. 20. Life Time Fitness wants to build a 125,000-square-foot health and fitness club with luxurious amenities and an outdoor pool deck.

  • Product Spotlight 2017: Weight Rooms | Strength Equipment

    by Courtney Cameron November 2017

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  • Mitigating Unwanted Noise in Fitness Centers

    by Paul Steinbach November 2017

    From plyobox jump training and slam ball sessions to group exercise classes set to a pounding bass beat, today's most popular workout environments create a lot of noise.