• Survivor Opens Fitness Center for People Fighting Cancer

    by Andrew Cohen April 2008

    A university professor and cancer survivor opens a fitness studio for people fighting the disease.

  • Marketing of Fitness and Recreation Is Getting Personal

    by Nicholas Brown April 2008

    The marketing of fitness and recreation benefits is getting personal.

  • Fitness Center Features Floating Roof

    by Andrew Cohen April 2008

    On first glance, it seems the roof of the HealthRidge Fitness Center is floating. As with most tricks, figuring out how it's done is easy when you look more closely.

  • Fitness Centers May Have Duty of Care Regarding AEDs

    by John T. Wolohan April 2008

    A court's decision may signal a change in fitness centers' duty of care with regard to AEDs.

  • Adding Express Fitness to Your Facility

    by Donald DeMars March 2008

    Architect Donald DeMars explains the ins and outs of adding an express fitness component to existing facilities.

  • Training Clients for a 'Tri'

    by Stephen A. Black March 2008

    Before creating a triathlon training program for clients, you must know the basic tenants of the sport, plus training schedules and techniques.

  • JCCs Rexoncile Nonprofit Mission with Outsourcing Fitness Operations

    by Michael Popke February 2008

    When outsourcing fitness operations, Jewish Community Centers must reconcile their nonprofit mission with marketplace viability.

  • Beyond the "Big Three"

    by Heather Peavey February 2008

    Three pieces of cardio equipment are expected in any fitness facility: treadmills, ellipticals and cycles. These are considered the big three of cardio equipment, and your fitness center should have at least two of them.

  • Maximizing Personal Training Profits

    by Stephen Holt February 2008

    Creating a solid plan can help you increase personal training evenue at your facility. Get your whole staff involved, offer a variety of training options, and educate your members through orientations and seminars.

  • The 'Issue' Is Facility Design

    by Ronale Tucker Rhodes January 2008

    The 'solution' is to comply with written organizational standards and guidelines, as well as the suggestions and lessons learned from other industry professionals and suppliers.