SALMON ARM, BC - DINOFLEX Group LP, manufacturer of recycled rubber surfaces, which led the way in establishing post-manufacturing "recycling" programs within the industry, is celebrating its 10th year of providing its own ReGrind Program. Since 2002, DINOFLEX has been collecting not only consumer building waste from construction projects but also post-manufacturing waste from the manufacturing of indoorflooring. This material is collected, sent through the ReGrind program and used in different products.

Kevin Manke, production manager with DINOFLEX says that in a day from post-manufacturing waste alone, 1,600 kg of the collected material is reground and then either put back into production or stored in reusable totes to be used during another run. He estimates that 800,000 kg of regrind has been saved from the landfill. And that's just in DINOFLEX's post-manufacturing waste.

Post-installation waste can also be sent back for regrinding, as can post-consumer rubber flooring. At DINOFLEX, this practice has been standard, again since 2002. "The material needs to be free of contaminates - glue, rocks, etc.", says Manke. Once reground, the result is a multi-colored recycled rubber crumb. Because the process combines so many different tile types and colors, this crumb is used a lot in products that are not seen, like the bases of the outdoor NuVista tiles. Other products that use this crumb are wheel chocks, RV risers and underlay.

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