Source: Trigger Point Technologies

Austin, Texas - Thursday, Aug. 25, 2011 - Trigger Point Performance has officially acquired Cool Palms LLC, leader in thermoregulation products for athletes, to release a breakthrough innovation: Performance Cooling™. Trigger Point Performance Cooling™ can help any athlete improve performance and delay fatigue.

"In the world of sport, heat is one of the elements we all have trouble dealing with," said Cassidy Phillips, CEO of Trigger Point Performance. "Once fatigue sets in, effects are irreversible and slowing down is imminent. TP Performance Cooling™ products keep athletes cooler and reduce the mental and physical stress that heat places on the body. I see this as best in class partners creating best in class products!"

TP Performance Cooling™ intends to build on Cool Palms' successful launch of the BEX Runner, a patented core cooling device. Currently used by the world's best endurance athletes, the BEX Runner is a 3oz, durable, reusable cool-gel-pack that form fits to the palm of the hand; it is the most cost-effective reusable body cooling device on the market. Palm cooling is scientifically proven to remove heat from the body's core and delay fatigue.

"Trigger Point is the perfect partner because we share their mission of using innovation to improve athletic performance," said Brett Warner, founder of Cool Palms and new VP of Trigger Point Performance Cooling™. "We are thrilled to launch this technology with one of the fastest growing companies and trusted brands in sports."

To speak with Brett Warner or Cassidy Phillips about the launch of Trigger Point Performance Cooling™, call 512-300-2804 or email or Additional information can be found at and

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