The Gatesville Independent School District in Gatesville, Tex., has reversed suspensions for six football players accused of using PEDs.

According to Texas HS Football, the University Interscholastic League in Texas held an emergency meeting Friday to address appeals filed by the six players who had previously been suspended. At that meeting, the UIL reversed its decision and reinstated the players due to lack of proof.

An as-yet-unnamed parent is reportedly under criminal prosecution for having administered injections to the players.

The players apparently had admitted to having taken injections and missed 28 days of summer practices for that confession. They were then drug-tested 33 days after their initial admission and tested negative for foreign substances.

An assistant on the junior high team and a teacher’s aide, Aaron Muller, resigned from his position in July after allegations of a PED scandal surfaced during the summer. Muller is also the older brother of one of the players accused of having used PEDs. 

Andy Berg is Executive Editor of Athletic Business.