A picture of yet another group of high school student-athletes performing the Nazi salute has hit social media.  

Officials at Zionsville (Ind.) Community High School are investigating the photo, which was taken at the high school and posted to Instagram. The photo shows 14 students, 10 who appear to be performing the Nazi salute. Most of the students in the photo are wearing the upper portion of their indoor soccer uniforms for a team called the Rumblin’ Bumblers.

Zionsville superintendent Scott Robison included the photo in an email he sent to parents, staff and faculty.

According to the Indianapolis Star, a concerned student sent the photo to a teacher, who in turn sent it along to Robison. 

In the email, Robison called the photograph “sickening” and “beyond offensive to students, staff, parents, extended family members and to an inestimable number of people in the wider world.”

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“Our school community’s efforts to foster cultural understanding will proceed, though they are set back mightily by this repugnant image,” Robison said in the email.

A Weebly website for the Rumblin’ Bumblers was taken down on Friday morning. Before it was removed, however, the site referenced a number of offensive player nicknames, such as “Judenschlau,” which means “clever Jew” in German. A second nickname referenced an infamous hazing incident in Carmel. Another nickname was Albert Fish, an infamous child rapist, serial killer and cannibal. 

The incident follows in the wake of a similar incident in Baraboo, Wisconsin, wherein a number of student athletes were photographed giving the Nazi salute in a senior photo.

Andy Berg is Executive Editor of Athletic Business.