• 5 Tips for Keeping Your Health Club Clean

    by John Agoglia January 2014

    From locker rooms to treadmills and everywhere in between, keeping a health club clean is difficult. Cleanliness is not only important for keeping your facility looking and smelling clean, but also for attracting and retaining members. In fact, according to IHRSA’s “Guide to Health Club Cleanliness”, fifty-six percent of gym club members expect their gyms to be germ-free. The report also finds a direct correlation between a club’s performance and the percentage of the club’s total revenue that is dedicated to cleanliness. The more a club focuses on being clean, the better its growth, member retention, and overall profitability.

  • Accommodating Members During Locker Room Renovations

    by Emily Attwood July 2013

    The locker rooms are an integral part of a fitness facility, serving nearly every user who enters the building.

  • Locker Room Design Goes Vertical at Oregon, Michigan

    by Paul Steinbach July 2012

    Glen E. "Bo" Schembechler Hall houses the University of Michigan's football offices, a Michigan football museum and team locker rooms. Until a recent renovation, it also reflected a desire of the late coaching legend whose name graces the facility (opened in 1990) to begin building class unity among incoming freshmen by having them dress in their own space - separated from the rest of the varsity by the locker room's wet areas.

  • Allowing Natural Light into Locker Rooms

    by Andrew Cohen January 2012

    Locker room users don't tend to be bathed in natural light. Locker rooms are often located on a building's lower levels and very often inhabit an interior space that opens into a daylit pool, gym or fitness center on the building's perimeter.

  • Efficient Locker Room Design Maximizes Use of Small Spaces

    by Emily Attwood December 2011

    From high-tech lock technology to plush lounge areas, whirlpools, Internet access and private showers and dressing areas, it's easy to sink a significant amount of money into creating the ultimate locker room.

  • Proper Management of Saunas and Steam Rooms

    by Emily Attwood August 2011

    In Europe, saunas and steam rooms are commonplace. In Finland especially, where the traditional sauna has its roots, saunas are simply a part of life.

  • Lock Specification is Key to Locker Room Design

    by Nicholas Brown January 2011

    There are few components in any recreation center, aquatics center or health club that nearly every facility user is guaranteed to touch on nearly every visit. One of those components is the locker door lock. And unlike major program spaces or available exercise equipment, locks are unlikely to be one of the amenities that initially draws patrons to a given facility.

  • Successful Laundry Operations Depend on Chemical Supplier

    by Nicholas Brown October 2010

    The success of any athletics laundry operation often depends on an outside party - the chemical supplier.

  • Locker Room Shoot Proves Too Steamy for UCF Officials

    by Paul Steinbach August 2010

    George O'Leary is not master of his domain.

    Turns out the University of Central Florida's head football coach overstepped his bounds when he allowed a local entertainment magazine called aXis access to the Knights' locker room for a photo shoot of UCF alum Shanna McLaughlin, better known for her pictorial in the July issue of Playboy. While it didn't include nudity, the aXis locker room shoot, in which McLaughlin suggestively tugged on her UCF-logoed tank top and bikini bottoms, proved too steamy for university officials once video appeared online Aug. 7.

  • Technology Advances Complicate Cell Phone, iPod Usage in Locker Rooms

    by Nicholas Brown April 2010

    Technological advancements in handheld personal devices complicate usage policies for the locker room and beyond.