University of Texas at Austin - Gregory Gymnasium Aquatic Complex, Renovation and Expansion

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University of Texas at Austin - Gregory Gymnasium Aquatic Complex, Renovation and Expansion

Austin, TX 2007

Project Description

The renovation of the Gregory Gymnasium Aquatic Complex transformed a parking lot and underutilized buildings into a functional and distinct recreation space. The design incorporates the traditional feel of the University of Texas campus with exciting new outdoor features that provide diverse opportunities for the campus community via informal recreational water space and spectacular open deck areas.

Built with a large quantity of exposed limestone and native natural materials, the facility fits well into the campus design scheme. On the west perimeter, for example, Gregory Gymnasium?s strong architectural forms and rigidly articulated detail serve as the complex?s border.

Technology plays a major role at the facility. The entire outdoor deck is blanketed with Wi-Fi connectivity, exterior seating areas are reinforced with hard-wired Ethernet connections and duplex power for student access to campus networks, the outdoor area is laced with multiple audio zones for distribution of background music and public address presentations, multiple locations support live-music platforms and the main control building for the outdoor pools links with the main control desk in Gregory Gymnasium for monitoring systems and pool conditions.

Project Details

Architect: RDG Planning & Design; Des Moines, Iowa; Omaha, Nebraska
AQUATIC DESIGN ENGINEER: Aquatic Design Group - Carlsbad, Calif.
LANDSCAPE DESIGN: SWA Group - Dallas, Texas
Area: 1.61 acres
Construction Cost: $15.29 million
Occupancy: December 2005 (new), March 2006 (renovation)

Access Ramps/Stairs: Brock Enterprises

Chemical Control Systems: Siemens Water Technologies

Filters: Siemens Water Technologies

Lane Markers: Paragon Aquatics, Div. of Pentair

Lockers: Fiberesin Industries Inc.

Water Play Features: Paragon Aquatics, Div. of Pentair