Kent County Community Center and Pool

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Kent County Community Center and Pool

Worton, Maryland 2011

Project Description

This project was planned using a broad-based community involvement study that began in 2000. Program solutions were devised and presented in every incorporated town in Kent County. Addressing each town resulted in a well-defined and widely supported plan for a multigenerational community center.

The project consists of a main building, a pool and support buildings, two new athletic fields and upgrades to existing baseball and softball fields. The main building plan is simply organized around a central access point and a single corridor that connects all activity spaces, including those for organized sports, group exercise, after-school activities and meetings. The pool was designed with several zones and depths to allow for diverse yet concurrent pool activities, providing a family-friendly pool experience for all ages and ability levels. It includes a wading pool with beach entry, a lap pool, a diving well and a kids’ play area.

Masonry, clapboard siding and shed roofs are used throughout the project to reflect the aesthetic of the simple agrarian buildings and structures that are common throughout the Eastern Shore. The flat-roofed masonry horizontal element that runs east to west divides the massing into several zones based on function and serves as a visual entryway to the pool and community center, as well as provides for a centrally located mechanical system, eliminating the need for equipment on the roof or ground.

Project Details

Architect: Becker Morgan Group Inc.; Salisbury, Md.
Construction Cost: $9.4 million
Square Feet: 21,387
Occupancy: May 2010

Access Ramps/Stairs: Paddock Pool Equipment Co.

Baseball Backstops: Long Fence

Basketball: Mondo

Basketball Backboards/Supports: Gared Sports

Bleachers/Grandstands: Kay Park-Recreation Corp.

Bulkheads: Paddock Pool Equipment Co.

Chemical Control Systems: Chemical Automation Technologies

Cleaners/Vacuums: Rainbow Lifegard Products, Div. Of Pentair Pool

Climbing Walls: Gopher

Deck/Basin Surface: Paddock Pool Equipment Co.

Divider Curtains: Performance Sports Systems

Diving Boards: Duraflex Int'l Corp.

Entertainment Systems: SMB Solutions

Filtration Systems: Paddock Pool Equipment Co.

Flooring: Cole Diamond Flooring

Flooring, Aerobics: Johnsonite

Flooring, Fitness Center: Johnsonite

Free-Weight Equipment: Gopher

Gutters: Paddock Pool Equipment Co.

Ladders/Grab Bars: Paddock Pool Equipment Co.

Lane Markers: Antiwave Pool Products

Lighting: Pentair Amerlite

Lighting: Lithonia Lighting

Lighting: Lithonia Lighting

Lockers: Penco Products Inc.

Multipurpose: Mondo

Sanitization Systems: Stenner Products

Shower/Toilet Partitions: Scranton Products

Sound Systems: SMB Solutions

Strength Equipment: Gopher

Tennis: Mondo

Tennis Court Nets/Posts: Gared Sports

Volleyball: Mondo

Volleyball Nets and Standards: Gared Sports

Wall Padding: Performance Sports Systems

Water Play Features: Waterpark Experts & Miracle Recreation and Equipment Company