Jonathan M. Nelson Fitness and Katherine Moran Coleman Aquatics Center - Brown University

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Jonathan M. Nelson Fitness and Katherine Moran Coleman Aquatics Center - Brown University

Providence, R.I. 2013

Project Description

Brown University’s new aquatics center provides much-needed athletic facilities and defines one side of a new landscaped quadrangle at the gateway to the evolving Erickson Athletic Complex.

The building is composed of three distinctly articulated parts. The head house, facing Hope Street and scaled to relate to the surrounding residential neighborhood, houses the Nelson Fitness Center, a 10,000-
square-foot multipurpose fitness loft. The David J. Zucconi ’55 Varsity Strength and Conditioning Center faces the playing fields to the east. Bracketed between these two wings is the Katherine Moran Coleman Aquatics Center, with a 56-meter pool equipped for one- and three-meter diving and set one level below grade to reduce building mass. With 168 rectangular solar panels, the aquatic center’s roof represents the largest hybrid solar-powered electrical and heating installation in the United States, generating enough power to light the building and heat its million-gallon pool.

This signature-style building utilized locally sourced materials with recycled content. The original cupola from Brown’s Frederick Marvel Gymnasium (1927), carefully preserved when the gymnasium was demolished in 2002, was remounted atop the Nelson Fitness Center. Diaper-pattern brickwork provides relief to the facade, while the north and east facades are outfitted in stucco panels.

Project Details

ARCHITECT OF RECORD: Robert A.M. Stern Architects LLP; New York, N.Y.
AQUATIC DESIGN ENGINEER: Counsilman-Hunsaker; St. Louis, Mo.
Construction Cost: $27.38 million
Square Feet: 83,975
Occupancy: May 2012

Access Ramps/Stairs: South Shore Gunite Pool

Bleachers: Southern Bleacher Co.

Bulkheads: South Shore Gunite Pool

Chemical Control Systems: South Shore Gunite Pool

Cleaners/Vacuums: South Shore Gunite Pool

Dehumidifiers: Sarra Engineering

Diving Boards: South Shore Gunite Pool

Entertainment Systems: Signet Electronic System

Filtration Systems: South Shore Gunite Pool

Flooring: Port Morris Tile & Marble

Flooring, Aerobics: Allegheny Contract Flooring

Flooring, Fitness Center: Allegheny Contract Flooring

Gutters: South Shore Gunite Pool

Heaters: Sarra Engineering

Ladders/Grab Bars: South Shore Gunite Pool

Lane Markers: South Shore Gunite Pool

Lighting: E.W. Audet & Sons

Lockers: Automation Solutions

Multipurpose: Allegheny Contract Flooring

Sanitization Systems: South Shore Gunite Pool

Scoreboard/Timing Systems: Daktronics Inc.

Scoreboard/Timing Systems: South Shore Gunite Pool

Shower/Toilet Partitions: Automation Solutions

Sound Systems: Signet Electronic System

Starting Blocks: South Shore Gunite Pool

Swimsuit Extractors: Arden Engineering Constructors

Water Play Features: South Shore Gunite Pool