• Flag Football Catching On with Kids

    by Jacob Tierney August 2017

    While the big kids donned pads and helmets at practice, the younger set wore T-shirts and belts with dangling ribbons. For them, flag football is just a game, but Westmoreland County recreation officials see it as a way to reverse dwindling enrollment. The seven teams in the WPAC-6 youth football league "” Greensburg, South Greensburg, Hempfield, Latrobe, Pitcairn, Unity Township and the newly formed Twin City Vikings, composed of players from Arnold and New Kensington "” introduced flag football for the first time this year.

  • Balancing School, Sports, Important for Kids and Families

    by Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital August 2017

    As another school year gets under way, kids' sports teams are also kicking back into full gear. When activities and school work start competing for your child's attention and time, it can be overwhelming to balance it all. While the benefits of playing sports far outweigh the negative aspects, according to Dr. Rebecca Carl, an attending physician in the Institute for Sports Medicine, there are certain precautions that all parents should take into account as they sign their kids up for another year of practices and games. Keep the main purpose of sports in mind Organized sports are meant to be a way for kids to stay fit and socialize with their peers. For the most part, they're not meant to be training for careers in professional sports.

  • Topsail Beach Park Features Pickleball Courts

    by Hannah DelaCourt August 2017

    More than 15 years after the idea was first raised, Topsail Beach has completed work on its Topsail Beach Town Center park. Located on nearly an acre of land at South Anderson Boulevard and Davis Avenue, the park contains a picnic area, a half basketball court, a playground, two pickleball courts and public restrooms.

  • Basketball Group Credited for Lowering Crime

    by Ali Rockett August 2017

    A basketball league pitting teams from rival public housing communities against one another on the court rather than in the streets seems to have reduced crime in the those neighborhoods, according to organizers and Richmond's police chief.

  • Start-Up Seeks to Connect Youth Athletes with Leagues

    by Patrick Thomas August 2017

    A Minneapolis start-up is attempting to make it less stressful for parents to find the right youth sports league for their children.

  • 'Circus Arts' Workouts Taking Fitness to New Heights

    by Anya Sostek August 2017

    In May of this year, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus shut its doors after 146 years of operation. At the same time, the practice of circus arts as exercise has never been more popular.

  • Youth Group Drops Tackle Football, Blames YMCA

    by Ryan Collingwood August 2017

    The Spokane Youth Sports Association won't be doling out helmets and pads this fall...

  • Citizens Question Availability of Parks’ Water Facilities

    by Courtney Cameron July 2017

    Public park facilities in Statesville, N.C., have recently come under scrutiny after concerned citizen Nande Kristi noticed children drinking from a ground spigot while playing at her neighborhood park.

  • Infographic: The Benefits of Youth Sports

    by AB Editors July 2017

    Today is National Youth Sports Day, an event to highlight the need for physical activity, living healthy, access, youth development, and safety within youth and interscholastic sports. With around 20% of children between 6 years old and 12 years old being largely sedentary, it is important that we work to get our kids moving and reaping the health and social benefits of youth sports. So what are these benefits?

  • Razor Blades Embedded in Slides at Two Texas Parks

    by Courtney Cameron July 2017

    A city maintenance crew in Huntsville, Texas, made a troubling discovery that underlines the need for regular and vigilant safety inspections of municipal playgrounds.