Once again, an athletic trainer has proved invaluable, following a life-saving act at a college basketball game.

Dickinson State University women’s basketball was warming up before their Saturday contest against Mayville when a woman collapsed at the scorer’s table.

Tim Kreidt, an athletic trainer at DSU for almost 20 years, sprang to action as the woman lost consciousness. Kreidt and others performed repeated cycles of CPR on the woman and eventually used an AED.

"I was just thinking I have to save this individual. . . start the process. . . get the EMT's here. . . initiate all of this," said Kreidt.

The woman eventually regained consciousness and was sent to the hospital.

"It made me feel good to help somebody else out like that," Kreidt told the local CBS affiliate. Kreidt said he hasn't heard from the woman since the incident, but he hopes she is recovering well.

Andy Berg is Executive Editor of Athletic Business.