• Keeping Your Venue Safe from Terrorist Threats

    by Jeffrey Miller November 2017

    As security directors watch the terrorist threat escalate, their responses have been to fortify their programs accordingly. Unfortunately, it is not enough to keep pace with hostile actors; you must outpace them. You must anticipate new, emerging terrorist tradecraft and tactics before they are implemented. You must recognize potential risks and vulnerabilities in your facilities and address them before they are exploited. Whether you manage a professional sports venue, a high school athletic department or a community organization, the best way to begin this process is through a comprehensive risk and vulnerability assessment.

  • Dislodged Press Box Glass Injures Spectator at Stadium

    by Tris Wykes October 2017

    A spectator attending Dartmouth College’s football game on Saturday was injured after a Big Green assistant coach punched a Harvard Stadium press box window on the aging structure’s upper lip, sending glass shards into the seats roughly 30 feet below.

  • Family of Man Who Died in Stadium Fall Files Suit

    by Colorado Springs Gazette October 2017

    The family of a man who plummeted to his death from fire-escape stairs at Sports Authority Field at Mile High after a Denver Broncos game has sued the stadium district and other entities including Bowlen Sports Inc.

  • Hockey Fans Decry Long Lines, Increased Security

    by Andy Berg October 2017

    In the wake of the mass shooting in Las Vegas, safety is on everyone’s minds. But isn’t there a balance between security and inconvenience?

  • Netting to Be Extended at Milwaukee's Miller Park

    by Tom Haudricourt October 2017

    The Milwaukee Brewers have joined the growing number of major-league clubs announcing plans to extend protective netting for the 2018 season.

  • Fan Sues Cubs, MLB over Foul Ball Injury

    by Andy Berg October 2017

    Major League Baseball may soon have to decide how it wants to deal with its foul ball problem.

  • Is 'Baseball Rule' Still Valid?

    by Bob Van Voris October 2017

    Fresh off the New York Yankees' playoff-game win against the Minnesota Twins, a New York appeals court on Wednesday considered a lawsuit that is testing whether the Baseball Rule - like the Twins' 2017 season - is now obsolete.

  • Police Investigate Threats Against MSU Sporting Events

    by Courtney Cameron October 2017

    East Lansing Police Lt. Chad Connelly announced Friday that the department is working with Michigan State University police as well as federal agencies to investigate threats targeting campus sporting events.

  • Shooting Prompts Security Assessment at Camden

    by Andy Berg October 2017

    In light of the horrific shooting in Las Vegas this past weekend, the Baltimore Orioles might be looking to reassess security measures at Camden Yards.

  • Yankees to Extend Netting for Next Season

    by Dan Martin October 2017

    Add the Yankees to the list of teams that will install additional protective netting this offseason in the wake of a young girl being injured in the stands by a line drive at the Stadium on Sept. 20.