Marguerite Aquatic Center

Marguerite Aquatic Center

Mission Viejo, CA 2019

Project Description

Designing improvements for an aquatic facility that's home to a world-renowned dive and swim team is no small task. That's where working in conjunction with the City of Mission Viejo, the Nadadores, and other key community stakeholders was paramount in the success of the renovated facility. Designing a facility that provides all the necessary training space for these elite athletes was accomplished through continuous dialogue and input from the entire project team and community members

Before construction began on the 18-month project, the city neutralized the two million gallons of water in the center's three pools and drained it into nearby Oso Creek. The water was captured and pumped to the reclaimed water treatment plant in town, treated and stored in the upper Oso Reservoir along the 241 toll road before being released for irrigation of the city's slopes, parks and medians. Since the complex is the longtime training center of the Nadadores and has spawned numerous Olympians, the project is a prime example of a successful public-private partnership.

Project Details

Architect: Aquatic Design Group
Construction Cost: $9.23 million
Square Feet: Not available
Occupancy: April 2018

ADA Lifts: Spectrum Aquatics

Chemical Control Systems - : BECS Technology, Inc.

Circulation Pumps: Pentair Commercial Aquatics

Lane Markers - : Competitor Swim

Scoreboard/Timing Systems - : Colorado Time Systems

Architect Of Record

Aquatic Design Group
Carlsbad, CA

Aquatic Engineer

Aquatic Design Group
Carlsbad, CA

Landscape Architect

RJM Design Group
San Juan Capistrano