Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark

Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark

Grand Prairie, TX 2019

Project Description

Epic Waters is not just a waterpark, it's part of Grand Prairie's plan to make Epic Grand Central the grandest recreation complex possible for its residents. Epic Waters is a large park with many exciting attractions in its own right, but it's also part of a 172-acre complex with indoor and outdoor facilities designed to meet the needs of people of all ages, abilities and demographics.

The facility's retractable roof improves ventilation by letting in fresh air to create a truly outdoor atmosphere, making Epic Waters' design a win-win solution for both Grand Prairie and the park's visitors. Maintaining an open feel to the park was a priority, and balancing that with incorporating all of the requested elements was one of the main challenges. This was accomplished through both the OpenAire structure that allows light and fresh air into the waterpark, along with the tiered pool design that offers some separation between attractions.

Project Details

Architect: HKS Inc.
Construction Cost: $88 million
Square Feet: 80,000
Occupancy: January 2018

Chemical Control Systems - : BECS Technology, Inc.

Circulation Pumps: Pentair Commercial Aquatics

Filtration Systems - : Neptune Benson Inc.

Gutters - : Neptune Benson Inc.

Lane Markers - : Competitor Swim

Sanitization Systems - : Neptune Benson Inc.

Architect Of Record

HKS Inc.
Dallas, TX

Aquatic Engineer

Ramaker & Associates
Sauk City, WI