Hamel Recreation Center Pool

Hamel Recreation Center Pool

Durham, NH 2019

Project Description

The pool facility at the University of New Hampshire replaces an existing 40,000-square-foot outdoor pool built as a WPA project in the early 1930s. Despite surveys of UNH students that revealed that saving or replacing the pool was not a high priority, the old pool was beloved by the community, and it was determined that an outdoor pool open to all was an amenity worth keeping. Interactive design work sessions were held to gather input from the community. This gave the design team insight into which specific features from the 1930s pool were desired in the new facility.

The original UNH outdoor pool was unique in both size and setting, and the new facility maintains both qualities along with introducing modern amenities, a much safer environment and better filtration. While not a unusual pool at first glance, the path taken to achieve the final design was unique, involving much collaboration with the community to ensure the facility addressed all concerns associated with demolishing the beloved 1930s pool and creating a new, equally enjoyable place to spend summer days.

Project Details

Architect: Hughes Group Architects
Construction Cost: $5.5 million
Square Feet: 14,355
Occupancy: March 2017

Circulation Pumps: Neptune Benson Inc.

Filtration Systems - : Neptune Benson Inc.

Ladders/Grab Bars - : Spectrum Aquatics

Lane Markers - : Competitor Swim

Starting Blocks - : Spectrum Aquatics

Architect Of Record

Hughes Group Architects
Sterling, VA

Aquatic Engineer

Water Technology
Beaver Dam, WI