Riversport Rapids

Riversport Rapids

Oklahoma City, OK 2019

Project Description

Riversport Rapids is cutting edge by default. Many of the features and design elements were first of their kind. Worldwide, this is the only human-made whitewater facility. A new system of movable obstacles was developed for integration with the structure, allowing the operator to configure the channel characteristics in infinite variations.

Being a large a unique project, the contractor had little precedent or experience in the specifics of implementing such a design. Specialized methods were developed to pour and finish the 11,000 cubic yards of concrete, dewater the site, and account for curing shrinkage and thermal expansion/contraction of the concrete in the long linear forms. More than seven miles of custom steel channel anchoring of movable rapid blocks was installed in the floor of the river, requiring further specialized techniques to be developed.

Project Details

Architect: S2O Design
Construction Cost: $33.2 million
Square Feet: 20 acres
Occupancy: May 2016

Architect Of Record

S2O Design
Lyons, CO

Aquatic Engineer

Cloward H2O
Provo, UT