• Idaho Granted More Time to Handle Athletics Deficit

    by Peter Harriman April 2018

    The University of Idaho has at least a one-year reprieve to deal with a projected deficit of approximately $1 million in athletics funding.

  • New Mexico Regents Approve Plan to Cut Sports

    by Geoff Grammer April 2018

    Near the end of an emotional three-hour meeting that included speeches from more than a dozen Lobo men's soccer supporters, the University of New Mexico Board of Regents passed an athletics department budget that includes, among many measures, a "reduction in sports" in future years. The vote was 6-1, with student regent Garrett Adcock, a former Lobo football player, the only one to vote against the measure. After the vote, first-year athletic director Eddie Nuñez said there is still a possibility, though an unlikely one, the department can arrive at the $1.9 million in sports-reduction savings without eliminating any of the department's 22 varsity sports. "As a former student athlete myself, believe me, I'm going to do everything I can to see if we can do this without cutting a sport," he said.

  • UNM Coaches Plead to Regents to Save Sports

    by Geoff Grammer April 2018

    Though UNM Regent Tom Clifford last week said the media has been creating a "hysteria" about the current athletics department financial situation, it's a matter being taken very seriously by those whose futures at the university are now at stake.

  • Iowa Stops Construction as State Slashes Budgets

    by Telegraph Herald April 2018

    The University of Iowa plans to halt more than 100 campus construction projects in response to budget cuts approved by state lawmakers.

  • Idaho Budget Shortfall May Lead to Sports Cuts

    by Peter Harriman April 2018

    An athletics department budget shortfall of about $1 million that the University of Idaho has staved off for four years with budget reserves has come to a point where it must be resolved.

  • New Mexico Plan: Cut Sports, Pay Down Deficit

    by Geoff Grammer and Jessica Dyer April 2018

    The University of New Mexico administration is proposing the elimination of multiple sports and other cost reductions to balance future athletics department budgets and to pay down $4.7 million of the department's 10-year deficit.

  • Indiana Spends Big on Basketball Program

    by Zach Osterman April 2018

    Fred Glass says he wants Indiana University basketball to be a perennial contender, and the school's athletic director is willing to spend like one to get there. "I don't think there's any reason why we can't do that," Glass told IndyStar. "I'm unapologetic in terms of my ambition for Indiana University basketball, and I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is."

  • Budget Crunch Forces Sale of Three City Parks

    by Julie Garcia March 2018

    With the city of Corpus Christi facing the largest budget shortfall since the financial crisis, many departments have been told to start running as a business rather than a public service.

  • MLB Salaries Increase 3 Percent, Long-Term Deals Dip

    by Bob Nightengale March 2018

    The free agent market was a dud this winter, leaving Major League Baseball players and their agents seething. Ultimately, baseball's average salary compared to 2017 amounted to a cost-of-living bump...

  • Forgiveness Sought for $6M UNM Athletics Deficit

    by Geoff Grammer March 2018

    Despite the University of New Mexico's athletics budget spiraling toward a record shortfall, a proposal will be made Thursday to the Board of Regents to forgive in one fashion or another all but $1.1 million of the department's deficit.