• College Hockey in Alaska Faces Uncertain Future

    by Jason Scott July 2019

    College hockey in the state of Alaska faces unprecedented uncertainty, with budget cuts and conference realignment threatening the future of the sport at Alaska Anchorage and Alaska Fairbanks.

  • District Scrambles to Cover Stadium Renovation Debt

    by Paul Steinbach June 2019

    Durango (Colo.) School District 9-R failed to raise enough money to cover an annual loan payment for a stadium renovation completed in 2016 at Durango High School, which has left the district scrambling to pay a budget shortfall ahead of planned budget cuts for the 2019-20 school year, according to The Journal of Cortez, Colo.

  • Big Ten Reports Record $759M in 2018 Revenue

    by Andy Berg May 2019

    The Big Ten Conference is not wanting for money to pay the bills after posting record 2018 financials.

  • Rob Turns to Bankruptcy in Hopes of Saving His Club

    by Rob Bishop May 2019

    It's April 2016. My business partner has left the business and I've taken over as managing partner. That's a fancy term for the guy stuck with all the problems. Over the past few years, the financial position of my company deteriorated to the point we might actually go out of business — something that had previously been unthinkable.

  • Minnesota, Oklahoma Latest to Expand Alcohol Sales

    by Andy Berg May 2019

    The University of Minnesota and the University of Oklahoma are the latest to join the ranks of schools looking to expand alcohol sales at sporting events.

  • Louisville Closes Employee Gym over Budget Constraints

    by Andy Berg May 2019

    Citing budget constraints, the University of Louisville is closing its employee fitness center. 

  • MLB Attendance Continues to Plummet

    by Andy Berg May 2019

    Major League Baseball’s attendance problem continues to worsen, and teams in the rebuilding stage are especially starved for fans. 

  • School District Considers Goats, Inmates to Cut Grass

    by Andy Berg April 2019

    A school district in Florida considered some unique options for grass and field maintenance given budgetary and staffing constraints. 

  • Financial Issues Confront Elevations Health Club

    by Rob Bishop April 2019

    Years ago, I used to read Inc. Magazine. It was for and about small businesses. One of my favorite columns was "Obituary," which looked at small businesses that had failed. It tried to examine why they failed and how they might have survived.

  • Clearwater Audits Parks & Rec Events Division

    by Andy Berg April 2019

    The Parks and Recreation Department in Clearwater, Fla., is being taken to task after an audit found that the department had failed to track profits for special events at a local park.