• Does Hosting the World Cup Pay Off?

    by Ben Tobin June 2018

    With all the excitement around the World Cup, it may seem like hosting the matches should be a goal for any country looking to attract visitors that will spend money. But does the move pay off economically?

  • LakePoint Complex's Financial Woes a Wake-Up Call

    by Ben Brasch and James Salzer June 2018

    At LakePoint Sports Community, the sports aren't changing. But on the business side, the 1,300-acre venue near Lake Allatoona is undergoing a major shift.

  • UNM Adds Scholarship Costs, Seeks Financial Clarity

    by Geoff Grammer June 2018

    The numbers continue to be crunched as the decision to eliminate one, or more, of the University of New Mexico's 22 varsity sports programs draws near.

  • No Sport Safe from Possible Cuts at UNM

    by Jessica Dyer June 2018

    Years of athletic department red ink have forced University of New Mexico officials to consider reducing sports for budgetary relief. But finances are just part of the equation as they weigh which teams to keep and which to cut.

  • Balanced Budget Plan Approved at Washington State

    by Chad Sokol June 2018

    The Washington State University regents unanimously approved a plan Friday to balance the school's athletics department budget.

  • Budget Shortfall May Force Park, Rec Facility Closures

    by Meris Lutz June 2018

    The Cobb County parks department has prepared a plan to close several parks and recreational facilities as the county faces a minimum $30 million hole in its budget.

  • How to Select the Right Architect for Your Project

    by Paul Steinbach June 2018

    Major construction projects often represent once-in-a-career visioning opportunities for those who will ultimately occupy the new building, and the process will likely span several years from concept to completion. Selecting the ideal architect (or architects) to partner with throughout that process may rank among the most important decisions an organization will ever make. The stakes are high. Failure to get it right means living with — and in — the end result of that decision for decades to come.

  • Washington State Outlines Budget Plan

    by Theo Lawson June 2018

    Washington State University has set in motion a plan to help the school's athletic department balance its budget and eventually climb out of a cumulative deficit that's projected to reach $84.9 million by the end of fiscal year 2023.

  • Opinion: Wash. State's Budget Plans Don't Add Up

    by Spokesman Review June 2018

    In the world of NCAA sports, Washington State is to fiscal gymnastics what Alabama is to football. If only they handed out national championships for that sort of thing.

  • Super Bowl LII's Economic Impact Totals $370M

    by Rochelle Olsen and Eric Roper May 2018

    Super Bowl LII brought attention to the Twin Cities — and $370 million. That was the net new spending from the 10-day event Jan. 26-Feb. 4, according to an economic impact report released Tuesday by Gov. Mark Dayton.