• Washington State AD Chun Seeks Financial Stability

    by Theo Lawson August 2018

    Pat Chun's first documented success in the fundraising arena came in Columbus, Ohio, at Ohio State, where for a decade-and-a-half he climbed the proverbial ladder from an unpaid intern in the sports information office to an executive athletic director who drove the Buckeyes to some of their most bountiful fundraising years in school history. So, Chun will credit his alma mater for his start in athletic administration and consequently, his baptism into the business of fundraising. But the Washington State athletic director, now six months into the job, might say his persuasion skills - especially as they relate to summoning money from others - were honed at a much earlier phase in his life.

  • New Mexico AG: UNM Vote to Cut Sports Unlawful

    by Jessica Dyer and Geoff Grammer August 2018

    A controversial decision to ax four sports at the University of New Mexico occurred in violation of the state's open meetings law and could therefore be invalid, according to the New Mexico Attorney General's Office.

  • TU AD, Coaches Take Pay Cuts Amid Budget Woes

    by Andy Berg August 2018

    The University of Tulsa may be dealing with budget cuts, but some at the university are doing everything they can in hopes that student-athletes won’t see a reduction in services. 

  • Critics Slam Deal for Naming Rights to New Bucks Arena

    by Andy Berg August 2018

    The Milwaukee Bucks' new arena is set to open later this summer and some are already crying foul over taxpayer monies being kicked back to the facility’s namesake. 

  • Opinion: UNM Cuts First Step in Clean-Up Process

    by Albuquerque Journal July 2018

    It wasn't a mess of their making, but new University of New Mexico President Garnett Stokes and first-year Athletics Director Eddie Nuñez deserve credit for stepping up and making a truly difficult recommendation to start cleaning it up.

  • UNLV Short on Funds for New Football Facility

    by Andy Berg July 2018

    Construction of the University of Nevada-Las Vegas’ new Fertitta Football Complex has hit a snag.

  • Apparel Contracts Give Boost to HS Athletics Budgets

    by Lake Morris July 2018

    Local high schools are taking a cue from big-name college programs by signing contracts with brand-name apparel companies to help increase their buying power.

  • New Tariffs Impacting Facilities, Equipment Prices

    by Andy Berg July 2018

    Whether you’re looking to buy a new baseball glove or build a new stadium, President Donald Trump’s trade war could be of concern.

  • Pool to Cut Hours to Defray Expected Deficit

    by Earle Kimel July 2018

    City commissioners plan to close the North Port Aquatic Center on Wednesdays and raise the non-resident daily fee to use it from $10 to $12, as part of a plan to decrease potential operating costs.

  • Idaho State President: No Quick Fixes for Athletics

    by Madison Guernsey July 2018

    ISU's athletics budget cap set by the State Board of Education has affected the way ISU's teams travel. ISU's football team resorts to playing two upper-level opponents each season — money games that combined generally account for close to $1 million of revenue to help offset expenses and non-revenue sports.