• Trade-Offs Required in Getting an Outdoor Pool Built Within Budget

    by Andrew Cohen August 2006

    Getting an outdoor aquatic facility built within budget often means making some pretty big tradeoffs.

  • A Lease on New Life

    by Marvin Bynum January 2004

    The versatility of equipment purchasing programs, especially those offering leased and refurbished equipment, can help ease the financial burden of outfitting a fitness center

  • Better Up-Front Understanding of Costs Can Lead to Desired Project Outcome

    by Eric Lagerquist & Thomas Betti September 2001

    Planning a budget for a proposed facility can be a complicated process. Consider this scenario: Officials in Town A decide to build a new community center. The town's building committee is aware that five years earlier Town B had built a community center that included a gymnasium, pool and banquet rooms. Town A's committee calls the facilities manager at Town B and is told the community center cost $6 million. If it assumed it could achieve the same results as Town B, the Town A building committee might decide to establish an identical budget of $6 million.

  • How to Reduce Financial Risk for Sports-Related Businesses

    by Doyice J. Cotton May 1996

    By utilizing this checklist for evaluating and using waivers, sports and recreation administrators can effectively reduce the exposure of their business and employees to financial risk.

  • Restructuring for Cost-Containment in College Athletics

    by Rick Berg September 1989

    This article originally appeared in the September 1989 issue of AB with the headline, “The Money Game.”


    All the challenges facing college athletic administrators as they head into the last decade of the 20th century can be neatly wrapped up in two categories: financial issues and what are usually described as integrity issues. For that matter, most of the integrity issues are ultimately, one way or another, rooted in economics.

  • Keeping Up with Spectator Demand in the Commercial Stadium

    by Dale L. Swearingen, AIA January 1986

    This article originally appeared in the January 1986 issue of AB with the title, “Spectator Seating: Get Them into the Stadium and out of the Living Room.”


    Old timers say a winning team will fill any stadium, regardless of the comfort, or lack of it, experienced by the spectators. There’s evidence to support this claim, but the growing menu of sports programming on television, which can be viewed in the comfort of one’s living room, is a constant threat to stadium attendance.

  • U.S. Schools Institute Athletics Participation Fees

    by Maria Dennison May 1982

    This article originally appeared in the May 1982 issue of AB with the headline, “What Will ‘Pay for Play’ Do to School Sports?”


    As school boards face ever-shrinking budgets, declining enrollments, taxpayer revolts and increased equipment, transportation and salary costs, interscholastic athletic programs are being threatened with severe reductions. To help pay the cost of keeping school sports alive, many local communities have adopted what have been called “pay for play” programs.