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Security People, Inc. is the global leader in lock and locker solutions that enhance lives by making security simple. Recognized worldwide, our brands include Digilock®, Celare®, LockUp®, and Numeris®. We deliver security simplified™ through a steadfast commitment to innovation, design, quality and relationships.

Categories listed in:

  • NextLock Keypad & RFID
    NextLock keypad locks function by entry of a 4-digit code while radio frequency identification (RFID) locks function by presenting a valid RFID Card. The lock interface also contains a key slot to operate the locks with either an electronic Manager Key or an Accessibility User Key.
  • NextLock Cue
    With a motorized deadbolt, Next Lock Cue© can be set to function for either shared or assigned use applications allowing facility managers to change how the lockers operate without having to change the lock. Product is available in a code or key managed model.
  • NextLock SOLA
    NextLock SOLA© offers a simplified security solution delivering ease-of-use, durability, and functionality. Programmed for either assigned or shared use access in a code or key managed model.
  • NextLock Mechanical
    The NextLock mechanical products include a padlock hasp as an entry-level solution which allows users to bring their own padlock, as well as a mechanical key operated camlock and a shared use dial combo lock.
  • Celáre
    Enhance the guest experience with Celáre©. By combining high-end design, security and precision engineering, Celáre transforms locker rooms into exceptional spaces.
  • Core
    Core© integrates design and durability to provide secure personal storage lockers for health and fitness clubs, athletic facilities, and park and recreation centers.