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8217 44th Ave. W., Suite A
Mukilteo, WA 98275

Phone: (425) 481-9479
Toll-free: (800) 709-1400
Fax: (425) 488-8155

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As the green fitness company, SportsArt™ believes movement is energy and that our human energy can make the planet more sustainable — one workout at a time.

Since our inception in 1977, our global mission has been focused on bringing beautiful, smart, and innovative products and technologies to the market that play a role in sustaining the health of our planet and the people who reside on it. Our innovative solutions to traditional fitness allow us to continually exceed our customer expectations by not only offering a wide range of durable and reliable equipment, but also adding a layer of meaningfulness to users who are breaking a sweat.

Categories listed in:

  • G690 VERDE ECO-POWRTM Treadmill
    The world’s first energy producing treadmill. The sleek design and flat slat-belt provide an unintimidating self-powered workout that operates like a traditional treadmill workout.
  • G886 VERSO 3-in-1 ECO-POWRTM Cross Trainer
    The VERSO Cross Trainer offers elliptical, stepper, and cycle movement paths while also turning human energy into usable electricity with built in ECO-POWR Technology.
  • G876 ECO-POWRTM Elliptical
    The G876 Elliptical delivers a low-impact, high-efficiency workout with features like 17-29” stride length, toggle and fingertip controls, 3-speed fan, and energy producing micro-inverter technology.
  • G576U ECO-POWRTM Upright Cycle
    The G576U Upright Cycle boasts a low-profile shroud design for ease-of-access, multi-point adjustments and controls and built in ECO-POWR energy producing technology.
  • G510 ECO-POWRTM Indoor Cycle
    The G510 Indoor Cycle utilizes integrated micro-inverter technology to turn the energy generated through breaking a sweat into utility grade electricity.
  • T656 SENZA Treadmill
    The T656 SENZA Treadmill incorporates premium technology and entertainment options to engage users by providing an intuitive workout experience allowing them to consume entertainment, their way.