• Judge: 'Plausible' Michigan State Buried Assault Claims

    by Paul Steinbach August 2019

    A federal judge ruled Wednesday that it's "plausible" Michigan State University buried sexual assault claims brought against athletes and let its athletic department deal with those issues outside the normal university process.

  • Woman Arrested After Child Nearly Drowns in City Pool

    by Andy Berg August 2019

    A Pennsylvania woman is being charged with child endangerment after her 3-year-old nearly drowned at the Ephrata (Pa.) Community Pool back in June.

  • Wisconsin Receiver Cephus Acquitted of Assault

    by Andy Berg August 2019

    After being brought up on sexual assault charges and expelled from the University of Wisconsin–Madison, star receiver Quintez Cephus was acquitted this week and is seeking to be readmitted to the UW.

  • Student Sues, Alleges Racial Slurs at Root of Suspension

    by Andy Berg August 2019

    A South Florida high school lacrosse player’s family is suing the state’s high school athletic board after he was banned from the sport in the wake of two incidents on the field.

  • Guilford College Agrees to Improve Women's Athletics

    by Paul Steinbach August 2019

    Guilford College has settled a discrimination lawsuit filed by two former coaches and 14 past and current women athletes who alleged that the private liberal arts institution in Greensboro, N.C., has a history of favoring its men's sports programs.

  • Phillies Sue as ‘Phanatic’ Mascot Threatens Free Agency

    by Andy Berg August 2019

    Free agency in baseball is usually a monied game of chess that’s all about improving a team’s lineup or pitching staff, but for the Philadelphia Phillies it’s become a battle to retain the team’s mascot.

  • Rec Center Used as Drug Hub by Gang Members

    by Andy Berg August 2019

    Federal investigators say gang members were using a popular Newark, N.J., community rec center as a base of operations for a drug ring.  

  • Restrooms Can Represent a Liability Blind Spot

    by John T. Wolohan and Fei Gao August 2019

    Sports facility operators have one fundamental duty: to provide a safe environment for athletes who participate in events and the spectators who attend them. While it is important to note that property owners are not the guarantors or insurers of their invitees' safety once they come onto their premises, facility owners are liable for those dangers that are known or that should have been discovered through reasonable inspections. In fact, failure to protect people from known risks is the number-one reason sports and recreation facilities end up in court. A couple of cases that illustrate these points are Patrick Pearson v. Philadelphia Eagles LLC, Case ID# 160800243 and Townsley et al., v. Cincinnati Gardens, Inc., 39 Ohio App. 2d 5 (1974).

  • Man Arrested for Taking Photos of Child at Gym

    by Andy Berg July 2019

    A Massachusetts man was arrested this week for allegedly having taken pictures of a child taking a shower at a gym in Wellesley. 

  • Former Prep AD Wins $250K Whistleblower Verdict

    by Paul Steinbach July 2019

    A former athletic director for Wayland (Mass.) High School has been awarded $250,000 after a federal jury in Boston found the schools and town violated the state’s Whistleblower Act when they did not renew his contract in 2015 following his allegations of unequal treatment of boys' and girls' sports teams.