• Vanderbilt Hopes to 'Create Opportunities' for HBCUs

    by Autumn Allison September 2017

    Disparity in college athletics is nothing new. College football just has shinier and more glaring examples of it.

  • Investment Pays Off for Washington State Football

    by Brent Schrotenboer September 2017

    This is what a serious investment project looks like in major college football — a five-story, $61 million building with two full-time chefs, a mini-barbershop and...

  • Colorado Coach Sued Over Handling of Abuse Claims

    by Colorado Springs Gazette September 2017

    A woman who accused a former University of Colorado assistant football coach of domestic violence is suing the head coach and several university officials, claiming they knew of the abuse and tried to cover it up.

  • USC's Blind Long Snapper Describes Football Journey

    by Amy Donaldson September 2017

    Jake Olson may not be able to see their faces, but he can feel their emotions, and he understands that has become the hero he once saw in other USC football players.

  • Minnesota Focused on Reforms After Rape Case

    by Brandon Stahl September 2017

    After an independent investigation released in mid-August cleared the university's handling of the case, the school is moving forward with reforms that envision "a university community that is safe and free from sexual misconduct and violence," the school's dean of public health John Finnegan told university regents in August.

  • NCAA Proposal Would Nix Transfer Ineligibility

    by Courtney Cameron September 2017

    A revolutionary new proposal up for consideration by NCAA members would offer immediate playing eligibility to all Division I transfer students, with the sole requirement of meeting a minimum GPA.

  • Virginia AD Littlepage Announces Retirement

    by David Hall September 2017

    Virginia’s looking for an athletic director for the first time in 16 years. A national search will begin “in the near future,” according to a statement from the athletic department.

  • Student Fees Drive College Costs, Campus Development

    by Jeffrey J. Selingo September 2017

    Since 2000, student fees have grown faster than tuition in terms of percentage. Fees rose 95 percent at public four-year colleges and 61 percent at private colleges.

  • Secrecy Among College Coaches Reveals Paranoia

    by Brad Rock September 2017

    These days, coaches are in full Secret Service mode, on the lookout for any suspicious behavior. As coaches see it, everything's on a need-to-know basis.

  • Alumni Effort to Save University Swim Team Axed

    by Mark Gaughan September 2017

    A group of swimming alumni from the University at Buffalo thought it brought a viable option to the table to give the men's swimming team a stay of execution. The UB swim alumni says it was willing to provide a little over $100,000 this summer to cover the coming season's operating expenses for the men's team, one of four sport programs eliminated in UB's athletic spending cutback announced in April.