If you’re thinking about purchasing tickets to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, you should know before going that you won’t be allowed to share your experience on social media.

According to Yahoo Sports, ticket holders will find some restrictive fine print included with their purchase.

From the IOC’s terms and conditions:

However, ticket holders cannot record the videos and sounds taken or recorded at the venue without the IOC 's prior permission, such as television, radio, internet (including social media and live streaming etc.) and other electronic media.

Tokyo and the IOC are clearly prioritizing intellectual property rights over the benefits of fan social media exposure. The policy is sure to draw controversy, as well as questions about how exactly it will be enforced.

As Yahoo points out, some professional leagues now encourage fans to post video and images of their game day experience. The NBA, for instance, embraces the exposure, hoping it helps grow the sport’s audience.

Andy Berg is Executive Editor of Athletic Business.