This article was updated Oct. 6, 2017, to reflect new information from the NCAA.

Following a meeting of the Division I Transfer Working Group, the NCAA announced Wednesday that the group’s proposal to grant immediate playing eligibility to transfer student-athletes who meet certain academic standards is still under consideration.

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The group sent the idea to be studied by the Committee on Academics in August, and a survey of administrators, head coaches and other faculty taken last month garnered more than 2,000 replies, according to

A representative from the NCAA told Athletic Business, “56 percent of athletics directors, 68 percent of senior woman administrators, 75 percent of compliance officers, 80 percent of faculty and 70 percent of conference staff were supportive of such a change. The only group that had less than 50 percent in favor was head coaches, and 47 percent of them indicated support.”

The full results of the survey will be released on Monday.

The Division I Transfer Working Group will also use survey results to evaluate other potential changes heading into the NCAA convention in January, among them a proposal to prevent coaches from restricting the financial aid of transfer student-athletes.

Proposals concerning the 2017-18 cycle may still be submitted to the working group prior to the Nov. 1 deadline.

Courtney Cameron is Editorial Assistant of Athletic Business.