Source: Axon Sports

WAUSAU, Wis. - Axon Sports has announced it will give away 25,000 cognitive baseline tests to schools, clubs and youth sports associations across America: 100 sets of 250 tests. The announcement underscores the company's commitment to broaden access to cognitive baseline testing as an important tool in the evaluation and management of sports-related concussions.

"With concussions on the rise across all sports, it's important that athletes have access to concussion management programs that include cognitive baseline testing," said Polly James, Axon Sports president and CEO. "This giveaway extends our efforts to encourage the inclusion of baseline testing in concussion management programs and our belief that every athlete should have access to a baseline test every year."

Baseline testing is recognized as a best practice by both the National Collegiate Athletic Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics. As early as 2001, it was considered a "cornerstone" in concussion evaluation at the International Conference on Concussion in Sport.

"U.S. athletes have been underserved with viable options for baseline testing that are accessible, convenient and affordable," added James. "Our tool also integrates education for the athlete and the parent with the needs of the medical community and the school or sports organization."

Axon Sports Computerized Cognitive Assessment Tool (CCAT) measures an athlete's brain speed and accuracy. The online baseline test is taken before the sports season begins to provide a benchmark for comparison after a suspected concussion. The test measures brain function - including attention, working memory, speed and accuracy in thinking. Results are stored in the athlete's online account for 15 years and can be shared, as needed, with certified athletic trainers, coaches and doctors.

Medical providers use the Axon Sports CCAT as one of several decision-support tools to help determine when it's safe for an athlete to return to class, practice, or competitive play following a concussion.

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