Source: YESCO Electronics

Logan, Utah - June 1, 2012 - YESCO Electronics was honored to receive a Certificate of Appreciation from the mayor of San Francisco, Edwin M. Lee. The certificate states, "…in recognition of your outstanding performance, dedication and hard work in completion of the Moscone Center Tenant Improvements Project. Your efforts are greatly appreciated helping to make a positive change for the citizens of San Francisco thereby improving the quality of life for all its residents, visitors and businesses." The certificate was presented to YESCO Project Manager, Mark Taylor, May 11th, 2012.

The Moscone Center is San Francisco's largest convention facility and consists of more than two million square feet of building area, including over 700,000 square feet of exhibit space. YESCO Electronics provided five single face LED video displays, two 6' x 20' 6mm, and three 6' x 30' 10mm, which are used to promote events happening and coming to the facility. The programmable displays are capable of producing full matrix images utilizing an 18 quadrillion color pallet.

Director of Special Projects, Danny Hunsaker, described numerous unique features of the project. YESCO Electronics partnered and collaborated on this effort with long time San Francisco sign industry icon Thomas Swan. The combined centuries of expertise allowed things to go very smoothly. The extreme image aspect ratios were addressed through the YESCO Electronics proprietary PrismView® software partitioning capability. The displays were flush mounted on interior walls without the use of cranes, requiring displays be built in multiple pieces. The pieces had to be small enough to be handled with portable winches. The cabinet components then had to be reassembled within tolerances of thousandths of an inch to avoid visible seams in the continuous display image. YESCO Electronics leads the industry in image quality and ease of installation. Discussing this project, YESCO President Mike Young said, "When we turned these displays on for the first time on site it was amazing and the customer was thrilled."

About YESCO Electronics YESCO Electronics' name is synonymous with industry-leading innovation, manufacturing the finest most reliable products, and providing stellar customer support. YESCO Electronics offers the most energy-efficient digital displays available, having achieved California's coveted Green Leaf Certification in 2011. As the leading manufacturer and supplier of electronic signs and outdoor digital displays, YESCO Electronics proudly builds all of its modules and displays in Logan, Utah.