Source: Sport Resource Group MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (March 15, 2011) - Sport Resource Group (Minneapolis, MN) is proud to announce its SRG Fusion Safety Pads have received clearance from the NHL for use by NHL Member Clubs and in NHL arenas. Sport Resource Group's Fusion Safety Pads are a new pad designed to protect players from termination points in any ice arena. The Fusion Safety Pads have four important design changes versus the current industry standard:

• Higher density foam• L-shaped design to better hug the termination post corners• Thicker foam at the most likely point of impact• Taller options - 48", 60" or 72" high

Under strict testing conducted by Vector Scientific Inc (VSI), SRG Fusion Safety Pads were able to reduce the impact that causes concussions by 88% versus no padding at all and reduce the impact by 75% versus the standard industry padding"Hockey is a fantastic sport loved by millions of players and fans. As a leader in the hockey rink equipment manufacturing business, we never stop looking for ways to make the game safer so more and more players can enjoy it. To put it in hockey terms, we couldn't have asked for a better linemate then the National Hockey League as we developed this new technology," said Sport Resource Group President Chris Guertin.

SRG Fusion Safety Pads first made their debut at the NHL's Research and Development Camp in Toronto in August 2010, which is organized by Brendan Shanahan, a former longtime NHLer and the league's vice president of hockey and business development."When Chris showed up and put them up, even aesthetically looking, it seemed a big difference," Shanahan said. "Then it was just a matter of him backing up his data and claims that they provide more protection and decrease the risk of concussions. We feel after some thorough, rigorous testing, that's been done. We think there's a future there."

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