Missouri State University is under a Title IX investigation for the shuttering of its women’s field hockey program.

The United States Department of Education confirmed that it has been activating a Title IX claim against Missouri State University since June 29. The Springfield News-Leader reports that the investigation arose from complaints filed by the school’s field hockey team.

The school discontinued its field hockey program during the off-season back in April, leaving a number of student-athletes without scholarships.

The school said it saved about $1.1 million by cutting the women’s field hockey program, which included a roster of 17, including 12 scholarship athletes.

Missouri State was among a number of state institutions in Missouri forced to make cuts earlier this year. The school reduced expenses in each of its athletic programs by 7 to 12 percent. It also cut scholarships and restructured some aid programs for student athletes. 

Rachael Dockery, Missouri State general counsel, told the News-Leader that the university has cooperated with the Office of Civil Right's investigation regarding the field hockey team.

"We've tried to be very transparent with our decision," Dockery said. "We've stood behind the decision that we made. We believe the investigation will bear that out."

Andy Berg is Executive Editor of Athletic Business.