University of Louisville, Belknap Campus Student Recreation Center

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University of Louisville, Belknap Campus Student Recreation Center

Louisville, KY 2015

Project Description

As part of a strategic effort to pivot from a commuter institution to a research institution with more students living on campus, the University of Louisville, Belknap needed to update its student-life amenities. These updates encompassed the creation of a new recreational sports facility that effectively introduced an indoor track, multiuse activity court, outdoor fields and a sports club studio. It also improved existing spaces, including basketball courts and group fitness classrooms, to strengthen appeal to current and future students.

The building’s transparency showcases the dynamic nature of the activities planned inside, while creating a permeable connection to a grand plaza and outdoor, all season, recreational turf field. The SRC utilizes a simple material palate that complements the functional spaces within while maximizing the curb appeal of the facility. Insulated metal building panels clad the larger volumes of the gymnasium and MAC, while brick adds the character and familiarity of the University of Louisville campus. Ceramic frit was utilized throughout the facility to control glare, privacy and character of various spaces.

The campus’ sport club program has grown 33 percent since the SRC opened, and the group fitness program has more than doubled its previous number of classes offered. The university has also introduced eight new indoor sports leagues.

Project Details

Architect: CannonDesign
Architect: Omni Architects
Construction Cost: $30 million
Square Feet: 13,000
Occupancy: October 2013

Architect Of Record

St. Louis, MO

Associate Architect

Omni Architects
Lexington, KY