UAB Football Operations Center and Legacy Pavilion

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UAB Football Operations Center and Legacy Pavilion

Birmingham, AL 2019

Project Description

The University of Alabama at Birmingham Football Operations Center and Legacy Pavilion was designed to maximize coaching time, physical performance and recruitment. The first floor is designed to maximize player movement efficiency, with the locker room, strength and conditioning, and treatment areas all having direct access to and from the field. The barber shop, equipment rooms, players’ lounge and outdoor basketball court provide players a place to call home. Physical performance is maximized with advanced strength and conditioning areas, a treatment and tape room, a hydrotherapy room and a “fuel zone” to provide proper nutrition for athletes before, during and after training.

Major second floor spaces include a team auditorium, offensive and defensive meeting rooms, coaches’ offices, and a multipurpose room. Team meeting rooms are equipped with full audio-visual equipment to quickly review game and practice video. The coaches’ offices feature writable surface walls throughout and have direct access to a long outdoor viewing deck where coaches and recruiters can discuss and evaluate players during practices within the pavilion. The multipurpose room can be set up for press conferences, banquets and other football booster events.

The most prominent feature of this facility is the adjacent 80,000-square-foot Legacy Pavilion, featuring a covered, open-air, 100-yard turf field, allowing athletes to practice on a full-sized field during most weather conditions. The open pavilion creates a considerable temperature drop by blocking out radiant heat from the sun and allowing a breeze to circulate through the open sides, which also provide sweeping views of Birmingham’s iconic Red Mountain.

Project Details

Architect: Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood, Inc.
Architect: HOK
Construction Cost: $22.5 million
Square Feet: 126,000 sf (46,000 sf operations center; 80,000 sf covered practice pavilion)
Occupancy: August 2017

Fitness Center - Entertainment Systems: Auburn AV

Fitness Center - Flooring, Aerobics: Regupol America

Fitness Center - Free-Weight Equipment: Legend Fitness

Fitness Center - Strength Equipment: EliteForm

Gymnasium/Field House/Arena - Lighting: Meteor Lighting

Gymnasium/Field House/Arena - Volleyball Nets and Standards: Net Connection

Laundry - Dryers: American Dryer Corp.

Laundry - Dryers: Electrolux

Locker/Shower - Lockers: Ideal Products Inc.

Locker/Shower - Lockers: GearBoss

Locker/Shower - Shower/Toilet Partitions: Accurate Partitions Corp.

Outdoor Facilities/Stadiums - Football Goal Posts: Sportsfield Specialties Inc.

Outdoor Facilities/Stadiums - Lighting: Musco Sports Lighting LLC

Outdoor Facilities/Stadiums - Sports Surfaces: Hellas Construction Inc.

Training Facilities - Hydrotherapy Tanks: HydroWorx International Inc.

Training Facilities - Taping/Treatment Tables: AJW Architectural Products

Architect Of Record

Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood, Inc.
Birmingham, AL

Associate Architect

Kansas City, MO

Landscape Architect

Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood, Inc.
Montgomery, AL

General Contractor

M.J. Harris Construction Services
Birmingham, AL

Civil/Geotechnical Engineer

Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood, Inc.
Birmingham, AL