Fairfield Community Arts Center

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Fairfield Community Arts Center

Fairfield, OH 2006

Project Description

Five years ago, the area in Fairfield now known as the Village Green was merely a cornfield. Today it is a thriving development with its newest addition, the Fairfield Community Arts Center. The project evolved after the city purchased the land in 2002 and the public enthusiastically expressed the desire for a community center to be built with an emphasis on the arts. The completion of the Community Arts Center fulfills the vision of the area as the city’s artistic, community and commercial hub — one that faces the meandering paths and water features within the downtown Village Green Park.

The center houses a 250-seat theater, complete with the nation’s first installation of sine-wave dimmers, flexible seating and stage configurations, and superb acoustics. The arts and crafts studio features eight pottery wheels and a firing kiln. Mirrored walls, a resilient floor and a ballet barre highlight the dance and fitness room. A multipurpose community/ banquet room boasts a terrace overlooking the Village Green Park, and a senior citizens’ lounge, a children’s activity room, a classroom and an art gallery round out the center’s amenities.

Project Details

Architect: John Poe Architects; Dayton, Ohio
Design Architect: Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture; Denver, Colo.
Theater Design Consultant: Fisher Dachs Associates; New York, N.Y.
Construction Cost: $8.5 million
Square Feet: 43,600
Occupancy: May 2005