Somerset Hills YMCA Renovation and Expansion

Somerset Hills YMCA Renovation and Expansion


Project Description

A result of significant membership increases, the expansion of the Somerset Hills YMCA includes two new pools, a teen center, a daycare center, a doubling in the size of the fitness center, new locker rooms, a café, a new entry and control point, and new administrative facilities. The building now showcases an efficient floor plan that segregates activities by their function, while movable walls and convertible spaces maximize the availability of multipurpose space.

The new main corridor spine runs perpendicular to the existing main corridor, which features a neutral color palette expressed through the use of wood and glass. Both ends of the new spine are bathed in natural light, and accent walls are found in activity areas throughout the center. Blues and greens are used in the natatorium, deck, locker rooms and fitness area to promote feelings of warmth, friendliness and fun.

Activity can be seen through windows to the pools, and the babysitting area has a sightline to the café at the end of the spine. The reception desk is the control point and acts as the apex of circulation within the facility, as members are funneled through a short, narrow expanse in which they must swipe their membership card. To enhance and modernize the facility’s image, the building’s exterior showcases metal flat-panel siding, concrete and glazing.

Project Details

Architect: The Biber Partnership; Summit, N.J.
Aquatic Design Engineer: Atlantic Aquatic Engineering; Pipersville, Pa.
Construction Cost: $12 million
Square Feet: 86,884
Occupancy: January 2007