Delaware State University Wellness and Recreation Center

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Delaware State University Wellness and Recreation Center

Dover, Del. 2010

Project Description

The first facility of its kind on the Delaware State University campus, the multiphase Wellness and Recreation Center provides students and the surrounding community with a dedicated space for intramural sports and self-guided wellness activities.

The center’s artful facade is a gateway into the university and provides students with an inspirational foreshadowing of future growth and advancement on campus. The facility was designed to give students and faculty stimulating glimpses of all recreational programs that the center offers. Immediately upon entering, visitors can view the gymnasium, fitness areas and jogging track above.

Although the exterior of the building is composed of traditional brick, the slanted form of the walls, contrasting blue metal siding, pitched roofing, colorful pavers and asymmetrical windows are unique to the campus. The interior of the wellness center features vibrant colors, exposed structure and curvilinear forms to produce a stimulating, open environment. “The Wedge,” a large lounge area featuring relaxed seating, provides students with opportunities for both physical conditioning and social interaction.

The center offers guests a wide range of dry and aquatic activities. Students who would like to engage in fitness activities have the option of using the larger 3,300-square-foot area or one of numerous smaller areas, ranging from 200 to 1,200 square feet. Swimmers can either train in the lap lanes or drift into the leisure area. The facility provides a well-balanced program that caters to the needs of both new exercisers and student-athletes.

Project Details

Architect: Holzman Moss Bottino Architecture; New York, N.Y.
Architect: Hughes Group Architects; Sterling, Va.
Construction Cost: $21.4 million
Square Feet: 54,000
Occupancy: October 2009

Assessment & Monitoring Equipment: HoneyWell

Cardiovascular Equipment: Life Fitness

Flooring, Aerobics: Miller Flooring

Flooring, Fitness Center: Miller Flooring

Free-Weight Equipment: Life Fitness

Strength Equipment: Life Fitness