Secaucus Recreation Center

Secaucus Recreation Center

Secaucus, N.J. 2010

Project Description

The new Secaucus Recreation Center more closely resembles a high-end fitness club than the antiquated buildings often associated with town recreation centers, and the architecture and amenities have elicited high praise from town residents, patrons and staff alike. The state-of-the-art center includes fitness areas, an aerobics studio, a member’s lounge, a multipurpose gym surrounded by an elevated three-lane running track and an Olympic-size pool.

A noticeable structural element that lends itself to the ethos of sustainable design is the translucent curtainwall system used to refract light and fill the interior spaces with diffuse daylight. This design feature prevents harsh glare and reduces peak-time electricity costs.

Complete with an observation deck, the pool is a hybrid design that can be used by the community for swim meets, as well as for recreational swimming. A 31⁄2-foot-deep center plateau allows for activities such as aerobics, aqua therapy and learn-to-swim lessons. Underwater benches extend along the middle of the long walls and an overflow trough creates a fast, wave-free pool ideal for competition.

Upon entering the center, visitors notice that the building exudes an open feeling and possesses a noticeable flow from room to room. Angular lines are softened by the curvature of the windows, walkways and finishes. Bright colors are used throughout the building and create a lively, energetic atmosphere. Complementing the interior aesthetics of the center, the exterior features red ground-faced block, ornamental landscaping, decorative masonry and lighting effects that make the front of the building glow at night.

Project Details

Architect: RSC Architects; Cliffside Park, N.J.
Aquatic Design Engineer: Atlantic Aquatic Engineering Inc.; Pipersville, Pa.
Construction Cost: $12 million
Square Feet: 32,500
Occupancy: January 2009