California State University, Long Beach, Student Recreation and Wellness Center

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California State University, Long Beach, Student Recreation and Wellness Center

Long Beach, Calif. 2011

Project Description

Since CSULB was one of the three largest universities nationwide without a campus recreation center, the new facility has transformed the student experience.

Major activity spaces are visible from a large plaza prior to entering the lobby. Activity spaces are arranged on two floors on both sides of a grand circulation spine, from the building entry at the west end to the climbing/bouldering wall as a focal point to the east. Exercise equipment is distributed throughout the facility to promote integration and a variety of experiences. An interior “street” maximizes views of the building’s major components. From the outside, broad expanses of glass turn the illuminated building into a beacon at night.

The university motto (“Go Beach”) inspired the interior colors and finishes. Blue rubber flooring, tan wood floors and stone tiles recall sand and water, while ceramic tiles and upper-level accent walls painted with reds and yellows reflect the colors of a sunset.

The design concept embodies the university’s tradition of mid-century modern architecture while furthering the goal of connecting indoor and outdoor spaces. The building employs the campus vocabulary of brick and expressed structure, and light-colored metal panels and glass provide an interpretation of the campus’s architectural heritage.

Project Details

Architect: Cannon Design; Los Angeles, Calif.
Construction Cost: $46 million
Square Feet: 125,000
Occupancy: August 2010

Assessment & Monitoring Equipment: Polar

Assessment & Monitoring Equipment: Monark

Assessment & Monitoring Equipment: Life Measurement Inc.

Basketball: Connor Sport Court

Basketball Backboards/Supports: Jaypro Sports LLC

Basketball Backboards/Supports: Porter Athletic Inc.

Bleachers/Grandstands: Buddy's Allstars

Cardiovascular Equipment: Concept2 CTS Inc.

Cardiovascular Equipment: Star Trac

Cardiovascular Equipment: Precor Incorporated

Cardiovascular Equipment: SportsArt Fitness

Cardiovascular Equipment: Expresso

Chemical Control Systems: Chemtrol, Div. of Santa Barbara Control Systems

Cleaners/Vacuums: Lincoln Equipment Inc.

Cleaners/Vacuums: Adolph Kiefer and Associates

Cleaners/Vacuums: Aqua Products

Climbing Walls: Petzl

Climbing Walls: Entre Prises Climbing Walls

Climbing Walls: Evolve Sports Design

Climbing Walls: Black Diamond

Climbing Walls: Sterling Rope

Climbing Walls: VooDoo Climbing

Climbing Walls: Metrolius

Climbing Walls: Mad Rock

Court Panels/Glass Walls: Hollman Lockers & Courts Inc.

Covers: Therm Gard, Universal

Divider Curtains: Jaypro Sports LLC

Dryers: Pellerin Milnor Corp.

Entertainment Systems: Cortex

Entertainment Systems: Shure

Entertainment Systems: Sony

Entertainment Systems: Crestron

Entertainment Systems: Denon

Entertainment Systems: Direct AV

Entertainment Systems: ZAS

Entertainment Systems: AV Now

Entertainment Systems: CommCincema

Entertainment Systems: Dish Network

Entertainment Systems: XM Radio

Entertainment Systems: Four Winds Interactive

Entertainment Systems: Fitness Audio

Filtration Systems: Paragon, Stark

Floor Covers: BSN Sports

Flooring, Aerobics: Connor Sport Court

Flooring, Aerobics: Great Mats

Flooring, Fitness Center: Mondo

Flooring, Fitness Center: Infinity Flooring

Folding Chairs: Mity-Lite Inc.

Free-Weight Equipment: Precor Incorporated

Free-Weight Equipment: Power Systems

Free-Weight Equipment: UMAX Strength

Free-Weight Equipment: M-F Athletic Co. & Perform Better

Free-Weight Equipment: Oakworks

Free-Weight Equipment: Title MMA

Free-Weight Equipment: TuffStuff

Free-Weight Equipment: Hammer Strength

Heaters: Teledyne Laars

Ladders/Grab Bars: Paragon Aquatics, Div. of Pentair

Lane Markers: Competitor Swim Products

Lighting: Holophane

Lighting: J&J Electric

Lighting: LSI

Lockers: Spec-Rite Designs

Lockers: Digilock

Multipurpose: Connor Sport Court

Racquetball/Squash Courts: Connor Sport Court

Sanitization Systems: Lincoln Equipment Inc.

Scoreboard/Timing Systems: Adolph Kiefer and Associates

Scoreboards/Timing Systems: Nevco Inc.

Shower/Toilet Partitions: Bobrick Washroom Equipment Inc.

Soccer Goals: Kwik Goals

Sound Systems: Sony

Sound Systems: Crestron

Sound Systems: Cortex

Sound Systems: Shure

Sound Systems: Direct AV

Sound Systems: AV Now

Sound Systems: Denon

Sound Systems: Fitness Audio

Strength Equipment: Paramount Fitness Corp.

Strength Equipment: Star Trac

Strength Equipment: Balance Body

Strength Equipment: Precor Incorporated

Swimsuit Extractors: Extractor Corp.

Track: Mondo

Volleyball: Connor Sport Court

Volleyball Nets and Standards: Sports Imports (Senoh)

Wall Padding: Draper Inc.

Washers: Pellerin Milnor Corp.