Adams 12 Five Star School District

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Adams 12 Five Star School District

Thornton, Colo. 2011

Project Description

Featuring an Olympic-size, 50-meter competitive pool with seating for 800, the Adams 12 Veterans Memorial Aquatics Center not only supports the Adams 12 Five Star School District’s five high schools and eight middle schools, it’s also a venue for local, state and regional competitions.

The facility provides adequate accommodation to swimmers/divers and spectators, while a two-level plan with distinct circulation paths maintains appropriate separation of the two user groups. Durable structural materials such as concrete masonry steel are augmented by brick veneer and precast concrete details. Solar panels on the roof heat the pool’s water, while the translucent, insulated skylight in the natatorium allows for natural light while also preventing glare.

Inside, simple lines and colored graphics articulate the spaces and promote wayfinding. Design concepts reference water, including wave shapes on the railing of the stairs and iconic swim imagery displayed on oversized banners in the natatorium.

The pool’s dehumidification system uses Colorado’s high-altitude and dry outside air to remove moisture from the space, eliminating the need for a more conventional and costly refrigerant-based dehumidification system. Introducing greater amounts of outside air than a conventional system, this system also serves to improve indoor air quality. Large ceiling fans create constant, low-velocity air movement at the pool surface to remove potentially harmful chloramines from the breathing zone of swimmers.

Project Details

Architect of Record: Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture; Denver, Colo.
Aquatic Design Engineer: Water Technology Inc.; Beaver Dam, Wis.
Programming Consultant : GreenPlay LLC; Lawrence, Kan.
Construction Cost: $16.5 million
Square Feet: 43,570
Occupancy: September 2010

Access Ramps/Stairs: Spectrum Aquatics

Bulkheads: Stark Bulkhead Co.

Chemical Control Systems: BECS Technology Inc.

Cleaners/Vacuums: Spectrum Aquatics

Cleaners/Vacuums: Maytronics US Inc.

Deck/Basin Surface: Monarch Pool Systems

Dehumidifiers: Innovent Air Handling Equipment

Diving Boards: Spectrum Aquatics

Filtration Systems: Neptune-Benson Inc.

Flooring: SRS Flooring

Gutters: Lawson Aquatics Inc.

Heaters: Trane

Ladders/Grab Bars: Spectrum Aquatics

Lane Markers: Antiwave Pool Products

Lighting: Hubbell Lighting Inc.

Lockers: Bradley Corp.

Scoreboard/Timing Systems: Colorado Time Systems

Starting Blocks: Paragon Aquatics, Div. of Pentair