Banff Community Recreation Centre Renovation and Addition

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Banff Community Recreation Centre Renovation and Addition

Banff, Alta. 2012

Project Description

The Banff Community Recreation Centre project involved the demolition and replacement of an existing curling rink, complete renovation of a 500-seat arena, construction of a second ice rink, the addition of community meeting rooms overlooking the activity spaces and an upgraded concourse capable of hosting large public events.

Located within Banff National Park, the project followed design guidelines both environmental and aesthetic. Memorabilia relating to the building's historical significance and role in the community are displayed throughout the facility, while large windows afford significant views from all spaces (including the hockey rinks) and effectively bring the outside environment in.

Materials such as locally grown and manufactured wood, Rundle stone and limestone were chosen in response to town guidelines, which also dictated that the building's large scale be reduced to smaller components. In addition, stringent requirements pertaining to the roof design were met due to the very visible nature of the project from mountain ski areas and gondolas. In response, all mechanical equipment typically visible on rooftops was relocated to indoor spaces. Moreover, Parks Canada requirements for the project site involved ecosystem restoration and reclamation, riparian habitat protection and enhancement of wildlife corridors.

Project Details

Architect: GEC Architecture; Calgary, Alta.
Construction Cost: $26 million (Canadian)
Square Feet: 92,000
Occupancy: October 2010