Morehead State University Recreation and Wellness Center

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Morehead State University Recreation and Wellness Center

Morehead, Ky. 2012

Project Description

Morehead State University's Recreation and Wellness Center brings three different departments together under one roof: intramurals, McClure Pool and the wellness center. An open floor plan allows previously independent staff teams to work together in a more cohesive environment, as well as effectively monitor the facility. The use of glass within the building enhances staff security efforts and allows patrons to see the array of activities available.

The building features three basketball courts and two racquetball courts, dedicated fitness and free weight areas, and cardio hallways and balconies lined with machines. The second level houses two multipurpose rooms for group fitness classes, a wellness lab for assessments and personal training sessions, a walking/running track, a natatorium observation area, a game area and a lounge equipped with WiFi.

The design and construction team faced the aesthetic challenge of weaving the building into the campus fabric while creating a signature identity for the new facility. In addition to the aesthetic challenge, cost limitations suggested the use of economical materials and forms.

The facility will be the first of its type in Kentucky to achieve LEED Silver certification, and includes such features as high-efficiency pumps, natural light sources and 75 percent recycling of waste.

Project Details

Architect: Murphy + Graves Architects PLLC; Lexington, Ky.
ARCHITECT OF RECORD: Hastings+Chivetta Architects Inc.; St. Louis, Mo.
AQUATIC DESIGN ENGINEER: Counsilman-Hunsaker; St. Louis, Mo.
Construction Cost: $19.2 million
Square Feet: 101,054
Occupancy: July 2011

Basketball: Connor Sports Flooring

Basketball Backboards/Supports: Draper Inc.

Deck/Basin Surface: Spectrum Aquatics

Diving Boards: Duraflex Int'l Corp.

Filtration Systems: Neptune-Benson Inc.

Flooring, Fitness Center: Mondo

Lighting: Lithonia Lighting

Lockers: Columbia Lockers

Track: Mondo

Volleyball Nets and Standards: Sports Imports (Senoh)

Water Play Features: Crystal Fountains