Splash-Down Cove

Splash-Down Cove

Kennewick, Wash. 2012

Project Description

Underutilized tennis courts provided the motivation and the site for Tri City Court Club's SplashDown Cove. The new water park offers intergenerational appeal, providing a sprayground for the younger children and waterslides for older youths. Speed was key to the success of this project, which was carried out over a four-month period.

The water park includes a zero-depth entry with active and passive zones, south-facing solar orientation, a multipurpose program area and a high-performance filtration and sanitization system. The play unit presents 17 different water features, including two waterslides, a water blaster and tipping buckets. The SplashDome delivers a 30-second "curtain of water" every five minutes to children below. In addition, a sensor trigger located at the start and stop for each waterslide rider provides highly accurate ride times, transforming a regular waterslide ride into a competitive race.

The water park's theming provides a strong brand identity and market presence. Shaded cabanas, palm trees and vibrant colors all combine to re-create a day at the beach for visitors.

In anticipation of potential expansion, pipes were laid to allow extension of the theming. The existing slide tower and splashdown pool also allows for another slide to be installed at a reasonable cost.

Project Details

Architect: McCue & Associates
AQUATIC DESIGN ENGINEER: Water Technology Inc.; Beaver Dam, Wis.
AREA: 0.4 acres
Construction Cost: $3.5 million
Occupancy: July 2011

Basketball Hoop: Spectrum Aquatics

Chemical Control Systems: BECS Technology Inc.

Cleaners/Vacuums: Aqua Products Inc.

Filtration Systems: Nemato Corp.

Gutters: Lawson Aquatics Inc.

Heaters: Lochinvar Corp.

Ladders/Grab Bars: Spectrum Aquatics

Lighting: Pentair Water Pool and Spa

Runout Slide: SplashTacular Entertainment

Water Play Features: SplashTacular Entertainment