Malton Community Centre Pool Expansion

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Malton Community Centre Pool Expansion

Mississauga, Ont. 2013

Project Description

The Malton Community Centre benefits from being located along the pastoral lands of the Malton Greenway, but the new development required parking to be built into the green zone. Despite an increase in building footprint and the addition of approximately 90 parking spaces, there is no net increase to the post-development flows on this site. Stormwater runoff from the new parking is captured in a bioswale, cleansed and returned to the water table through an infiltration trench.?

Consolidation of the aquatics program into the MCC is an example of adaptive design leading to environmental stewardship by reusing an existing building. A large amount of strategically placed glazing communicates the interior functions of the new pool to the exterior and allows much more natural light into the building.

The addition aligns an extended lobby space to the existing internal public “street” and allows entry from the parkland and splash pad to the south. This entrance is under the protection of a large new canopy that welcomes all Mississaugans with a strong sense of place. The building becomes a dynamic backdrop to the existing park and splash pad.?

Project Details

ARCHITECT OF RECORD: MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects; Toronto, Ont.
Construction Cost: $9 million (Canadian)
Square Feet: 24,000
Occupancy: July 2011