Tandy Family YMCA

Tulsa, OK
Construction Cost: $21 million
Area / Square Feet: 96,000
Occupancy Date: July 2016

Double the fun

Located across from LaFortune Park in the heart of residential Tulsa, the Tandy Family

YMCA is a recreation facility that has become a community hub. This unique facility combines a complete renovation of the existing 50,300-square-foot Thornton Family YMCA, built in 1968, with a new 48,162-square-foot expansion.

Exterior emphasis

Exterior landscape aesthetics and outdoor entertainment options were design priorities. The splash garden was programmed and positioned to invite new and existing users into the facility with a space that promotes outdoor activity and provides visual appeal day and night. The garden component features a variety of native and ornamental plant species that are both beautiful and functional through the changing seasons. A teaching garden not only accents the beauty of the entry design, but provides fresh fruit and vegetables used in the YMCA’s kitchen. Within the facility, a physical therapy and medical clinic are seamlessly integrated, allowing both Y members and patients access to a blend of sports therapy, patient care, and health and wellness services.

Finish selection

One of the design challenges was selecting finishes for the splash garden area that would create a unique aesthetic while remaining durable and safe for both wet and dry play activities. Bomanite was selected as the primary paving finish, with areas requiring impact attenuation utilizing Life Floor™ around specific features. Stone, concrete, steel, glass and wood are used throughout the facility’s interior to promote the connection between the outdoor and indoor environments. With its thoughtful space planning, abundance of natural light, dynamic views from large windows and natural palette of materials, the interior design results in an inviting, multigenerational facility that engages the mind, body and spirit while retaining its historical place as a landmark within the Tulsa community.