The Caryl Mudd Sprague Aquatic Center | Athletic Business

The Caryl Mudd Sprague Aquatic Center

Los Angeles, CA
Construction Cost: $1.49 Million
Area / Square Feet: 16,605
Occupancy Date: September 2017


The site location for The Caryl Mudd Sprague Aquatic Center was extremely tight within the campus, proving to be both a design and a construction challenge. To save space the mechanical room ended up being built on two different levels underneath a nearby building rather than as its own freestanding building. Because of proximity to particular neighbors, design and project execution was mindful of producing minimal impact. For example, pool disinfection not requiring delivery by truck, as well as low-profile competitive features, keep peace with the neighbors.


The aquatic center has computerized mechanical room controls that save on energy and personnel costs. The aquatic center also has a variable-frequency drive for its pump and motor, as well as thermal solar for pool heating.


School colors and the school logo are incorporated into the design in the way of lane lines, flags, and scoreboard d├ęcor. Finish colors for decking, retaining walls, furniture and shade structures match the campus context and provide a pleasant aesthetic continuity.