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Minoru Centre for Active Living

Richmond, BC
Construction Cost: $80 Million
Area / Square Feet: 110,000
Occupancy Date: September 2020

Located in Richmond’s city center, the Minoru Centre for Active Living replaces three existing facilities. The iconic destination facility acts as a gateway to the 105-year-old Minoru Park and supports active living and wellness for all ages. It includes a 69,000-square-foot aquatics center focused on health and wellness, a senior community center, a fitness center, athletic team rooms, a social lobby with food service, event spaces and an outdoor community plaza.

The Centre’s flowing roof structure and site circulation patterns references the natural history of Richmond as a river delta city. Driven by its geotechnical response, the terraced pool design allows for innovation where the infinity pool edge is exposed at the sloped deck areas. The infinite edge acts as a resting spot, transfer point and bench for patrons who need a little more time and assistance getting into pools. By allowing the option for individuals with a range of abilities to transfer with dignity out of chairs into the water, pool access is greatly expanded. The result is a place where a diverse and intergenerational community have the opportunity to mix and interrelate, supporting lifelong learning goals and wellness for everyone.